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    Hello everyone. Not sure how I go about this, but we are travelling from New York to Dallas in April and need to go through Pennsylvania and Oklahoma due to my son needing to visit Colleges out there! Can anyone recommend an RV site near Indiana in Pennsylvania and one near Oklahoma City?? Also, if anyone has any tips they would be greatly appreciated! We obviouls need to stop onthe way through, so any other recommended sites please

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    With so few regular contributors to the RTA site [and even less RV'ers] I am not sure you will have much luck. The best thing you can do is to use your search engine with the City name followed by 'RV parks'. St Elmo IL is around the midway point from Indiana to Oky and will be two full days on the road.

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    Default Public RV Sites

    The nearest public campsites that are possibly RV accessible (depending on the size of your rig are at [Crooked Creek (Indiana), and Lake Thunderbird (Oklahoma City). We really don't do recommendations of commercial sites.


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    Default Guidebook

    Hello jaha27,

    You can NOT let your son go to college in Texas! It's entirely too far away from home.

    Just kidding.

    You should probably consider purchase of an annually-updated campground guidebook. Woodall's is the title I'm familiar with (but I'm not an RV'er). The 2010 Woodall's I purchased for tent camping selection in July had state-by-state listings and maps showing locations of commercial campgrounds, detailed descriptions of them, and reviews of them by experienced RV'ers. I subsequently gave it to a friend, but I believe it had some coupons redeemable for goods and services. All in all, having detailed listings for commercial sites with descriptions of them may save you a bit of driving around, and between that and perhaps some coupons, you might recover the approximately $20 cost for the book.

    One additional thought: Some state and local campgrounds close for the winter. Even here in NC and nearby VA, there are state park campgrounds which remain closed until March 1. Between seasonal closures and the many budget crises affecting so many states, I'd do some calling ahead to confirm status before depending on availability.

    Safe travels!


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    Does anyone know if there are any RV sites in Indiana - Pennsylvania??

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    Default Scarce !

    Your options would appear to be very limited ! I use this site quite bit and is a good resource. Use the search function to the right and see what they come up with. Yellow creek in Penn Run looks as though it may only be tent sites[?] and the nearest that definitely takes RV's looks to be in Dayton, called Milton loop campground, some 19 miles away. For an overnight stop and just to sleep you could check out Truck stops, such as Flying J's in Brookville or Smithton [both 50 miles away] for something nearer, or look for a local Walmart and contact them to see if they have an overnight policy for RV'ers, where they may let you rest in a quiet corner, but it is customary to give them a little business.

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