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  1. Default New York or Washington DC to Miami

    Hi all!

    A new member here. I probably use bad English because I am Dutch. Sorry for that!
    After visiting Florida, California, Utah, Nevada and Arizona we are planning on doing another roadtrip in august/september.
    We were looking for cheapest flight options and it turned out that a flight from Brussels Airport to NY or DC and departing again from Miami to Brussels is cheapest.

    We don't really like large cities so if we are going to do this trip we won't spend much time in NY or DC.
    What do you think is best? Choose NY or DC as starting location?
    We will depart on august 15th from Brussels and return on september 2th from Miami.

    Do we have enough time for this trip?
    What we like to do on our vacations is quite simple. We love to drive, especially on nice sightseeing roads. We do love the coast but we're not people who will spend much time on a beach (do love piers en just strolling on boulevards). We like good food :)
    Shopping is also important and we love nature so National Parks would be nice!

    Do you have any advice or suggestions?
    Again, sorry for my poor English.

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    Default Washington, I Think

    Welkom! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    If you really don't like large cities, then you should start your trip from Washington. The entire area from Boston to Washington is heavily populated and is often thought of as a single large urban area, the BosWash Corridor. However, Rural Virginia starts just southwest of Dulles International Airport and you could either visit our nation's capital and it's fine museums or simply be out in the country in very short order. As for what to see on your way south, that is entirely up to you, but here are some ideas for stops along two separate routes. You can choose either one, or drive one for a bit and then the other for a bit. And your English is fine.


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    Great! Thanks, you described mountain route sounds fantastic!
    And from Orlando we can always choose to drive the coastal route to Miami.
    As we already did a roadtrip in Florida it would be nice to look up some sights we haven't seen yet. But thinking of things to do in Florida is quite easy for us.

    Leaving from DC would be the best option I guess, glad to hear that because it was my most preferable option.
    Thanks so much for your help ;)

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    I do have another question.
    Maybe we decide to prolong our stay with a week en drive another route.
    A possibility is SF, Vegas, Salt Lake City or perhaps Chicago to New York.

    I'm more interested in seeing the Southern states like New Mexico, Texas and Louisiana.
    Will that be doable in about 4 weeks? We are from Holland and not used to driving very long but on our last USA trips we did spent between 2 and 6 hours on the road.

    Does this idea make any sense? Or would you recommend a shorter roadtrip?

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    What you can do is measure the miles you need to drive on a map - and calculate the hours required using about 55 miles per hour average on Interstate highways, less on secondary roads.

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    Default Some Other Useful Rules of Thumb

    Besides the fairly specific advice glc gives, some other rough figures to keep in mind are that most people take 5 days to a week to cross the country from Los Angeles to New York, depending on their exact route and driving style, so with four weeks you'll have plenty of time. Another is that if you put in a relatively full day behind the wheel, you can plan on covering around 550 miles. Note: that is roughly 10 hours at an average speed of 55 mph, and that 55 mph includes quick, simple stops for fuel, food and bathroom breaks.


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    Good to know, thanks.
    Funny that here in Holland we wonder if 4 weeks is enough time while most people just do it in a week.
    We're so not used to driving long distances here in our small country ;)

    I guess SF to NY will be beautiful so we're going to consider it.

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    Okay, another question if you don't mind.
    This will be the first time we visit the USA in hurricane season. As for now the plan is again different (so much nice trips to make!)
    What would be a great possibility is to fly to Phoenix and depart from Miami.
    But I have no clue if that's a good idea because Florida has had a fair deal of hurricanes.
    Would be bad if we had problems to fly back to Holland at the end of our vacation and I have no idea what the "hurricane policies" are.

    Would this be something to reconsider?

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    Default Weather Insurance

    As with any specific weather for a specific place at some specific time in the future, predicting whether or not you will see a hurricane is impossible. However, hurricanes are very large storms and their general paths can be predicted a few to several days into the future, so you should get plenty of warning if you have to change your travel plans. There is insurance to guard against the cost of such unforeseen circumstances, typically referred to as Travel Insurance or Trip Interruption Insurance. You can buy policies relatively inexpensively for the peace of mind, but before spending any money check with your airline as to what their policies are in the event of weather delays to their flights and with your credit card to see if they offer such insurance either free with the purchase of your tickets or at a lower rate than you can buy it on your own.


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