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    We have a 33 foot Montana fifth wheel camper pulled by a Silverado 2500 HD with Duramax Deisel and Allison Transmission. We plan to leave NH in April. What is the best route(s) to take with this camper setup? Please advise. Thanks.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    ...with a rig like that you put a premium on a couple of things: multilane highways so that people can pass you and as level a route as you can find so you don't have that many grades to climb. Both of those argue for an all Interstate route, and one as far away from urban centers as possible at that. Your best bet, it seems is to take I=90, the Mass Pike and the New York State Thruway to the Cleveland area. Once you cross the Berkshires, that route basically follows the Hudson River valley and the Erie Canal - about as level a crossing of the Appalachians as there is. Unfortunately those are toll roads and you'll be paying a fairly hefty premium over a simple two axle sedan, But It will still, I think, be the preferred route. Then on the east side of Cleveland use I-271 to connect with I-71 south to Columbus, take the beltway (I-270) around the northwest side of town to connect with I-70 west. Use the I-495 beltway around the south side of Indianapolis and return to I-70 toward St. Louis. Just east of there take I-255 south to I-270 west around St. Louis and pick up I-44 southwest to Springfield and US-65 south to Branson. At those points where you're using beltways and such around the big smites on your route, you will typically have 3+ lanes of traffic in each direction, You want to avoid both the far left (high speed) and far left (exit/entry traffic) lanes and just maintain as steady a speed as you can in one of the central main traffic lanes.


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    Default Planning fuel stops

    Hello Betty,

    Sounds like a nice rig. I hope the trip goes well for you.

    As noted, keeping your trip as level as is practical, without driving many miles out of the way, is key to overall enjoyment and safety, and should provide the best possible fuel mileage, too.

    I'd spend a little time on any of the many websites providing real-time fuel prices in order to determine optimal fuel stop locations. On my last 2 North Carolina to Montana/Utah RoadTrips, I did just that and probably saved in excess of $100 in diesel fuel cost differentials by making sure I bought fuel in Tennessee, entered Missouri needing fuel and left that fine state full to the brim, and avoided purchasing fuel in Illinois, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Utah (to the extent possible), and by fueling at preferred vendors. I used "etrucker dot com" for state-by-state guidance and it was spot-on in terms of identifying preferred states. My son and co-driver's iPhone then gave us specifics as to which stops in the preferred states. At + $3.60/gallon and probably not much more than 11-12 mpg towing your "billboard", you'll want all the help you can get to minimize fuel costs.

    I suppose you already know to purchase your diesel fuel from high-volume sellers as opposed to stations catering primarily to autos where little diesel fuel is sold.

    Have a safe and enjoyable RoadTrip!


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