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  1. Default 1st roadtrip: Raleigh-Durham -> Keys

    Hi everbody,
    I'm planning my first roadtrip with my room-mate, we are both from Italy and looking forward to this experience for our spring break.
    The plan, approximately, is to head south and stop the first night in Savannah. Then go to St. Augustine and spend the night there. From there, step by step the plan to get to the keys and back. We have approximately 10 days.
    Do you have any suggestions or tips?


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    Actually I also have an extra question.
    Somebody discouraged me from going to the keys, saying they're very touristy, and high price, and encouraged instead going to the Sarasota area.
    Somebody else told me the Sarasota area is mainly for/with older people (I guess everything is relative, with our 31 we're old too compared to 18 ;-) and re-encorauged me to go the keys, suggesting not to get until the last one.
    Any thoughts on this?

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    Any popular place in Florida is going to be "touristy" - it's hard to get away from in Florida, tourism is a huge business there.

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    Default High Season in Florida

    I don't recall exactly when you are planning your trip. Be advised that the so-called "high season" in Florida is now and high season continues through roughly late March/early April. This means most any resort area will be heavily populated with "snowbirds" who spend winter in Florida, and even in the warmer months, literally millions upon millions of retirees make their permanent homes there.


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    We'll be there for the first week of march more or less. Well, I don't expect it to be empty obviously.
    Despite the touristiness, for two international graduate students would you rather suggest the keys or the sarasota area? We have already planned to stop also 2-3 days in Miami on the way back.

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