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  1. Default HONEYMOON ROADTRIP..From NJ to Graceland

    Hello all!

    This is my first time posting here, but hopefully it won't be my last as i see that most of the people here are simply amazing!

    Well down to business,

    My wife and I are currently planning a road trip from New Jersey to Graceland. We are leaving the 18th and coming back the 28th...

    This is our second road trip, we took our first to Disney.

    and just like Judy, we are driving a New Beetle (Judy us Vdub people needa stick together!) It's got plenty of space in it so there's no worries about packing...trouble is..what to bring!

    Any and all tips would help a rookie like me and my wife out greatly!

    Also, i was reading one post, where a person said about bringing protection... well, for a 5'10 380lb human who always has an angry look on his face and is tattooed and pierced up, i dont think i need to worry so much about people messing with me! lol or my wife...
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    Default a starting point

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    If you are looking for information about what to bring, you could do a whole lot worse that the Tips Judy offered here!

    Unfortuantly, Judy's been busy with other things and hasn't been active on the forum in a while, but I'm sure she's appreciate having another bug person around!

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    The only "protection" you need is common sense and a sense of awareness. If something doesn't seem right, it probably isn't.

    Yes, Graceland is in a high crime neighborhood. Don't wander around the streets - drive into the parking lot and stay on the property. I would probably stay in a hotel in a better area of the city.

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    from the reviews i've read about the hotel we are staying in...the Days Inn at's not too bad

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