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    I am planning a road trip the first week of June from Sacramento, CA to Portland, OR. I would like to see the California Redwoods. Should I head over to the coast and drive the coastal highway or try to see Crater Lake (or another recommended site) along the way? I have 3 days allotted for the trip. I want to spend some time getting out of car and hiking and wildlife viewing. Suggestions?

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    Crater Lake may not be completely open yet in the first week of June. Most of the roads should be open, but the campgrounds generally don't open till mid-June or later.

    With 3 days, you have a few options. You can drive from Sacramento to Humboldt Redwoods State Park (Avenue of the Giants) via I-5/CA-20/US-101 in about 5 hours. If you head all the way over to the coast via Petaluma or Santa Rosa and Bodega Bay and go up CA-1, this is going to be a full day, more like 8 hours.

    From there, you can get to Crater Lake via US-101/US-199/OR-62 in about 7 hours.

    Alternately, you can go from Sacramento direct to Crater Lake in about 7 hours.

    Crater Lake to Portland is about 5 hours. Humboldt Redwoods to Portland via US-101/US-199/I-5 is a very long day - 9 to 10 hours, even longer if you stay on 101, it would have to be broken up with an overnight.

    Can you see both the redwoods and Crater Lake? Yes, but you won't be able to spend much time at either place. Note that the actual Redwood National Park is about 2 hours north on 101 from the Avenue of the Giants.

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    Thank you for the information. Greatly appreciated. I may consider going to the Redwood National Park then down to San Francisco in those 3 days. Advice?

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    If you don't have to go to Portland that would be very doable. Keep your route choices open, depending on how much time you wind up spending in places. CA-1 is quite slow, US-101 is considerably quicker but it's not freeway quality north of about Ukiah.

    To get to the Redwoods area, you would probably want to go up to Redding and take CA-299 across to the coast.

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