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  1. Default Chicago to Miami in December

    Hi All

    Great forum - everyone knows their stuff and is very helpful!

    My boyfriend and I are planning a big trip with a drive component from Chicago to Miami as follows:

    Chicago to Indianapolis - 1 night
    Indianapolis to Nashville - 2 nights
    Nashville to Atlanta - 1 night
    Atlanta to Orlando - 1 night
    Orlando to Miami

    My concerns are that I will be the only driver, and whether the weather will be a big factor. So, I would be interested to hear our opinions on;

    - Whether the distances are ok for one person to drive?
    - Whether the weather is likely to be a factor (i.e. will the roads be safe? Of course we will be careful and will be sticking to main roads)
    - Are we better off getting a 4WD?
    - Any other suggested itineraries/routes?

    The aim of the driving section is to cover a bit of ground without flying and break up a very busy itinerary over a 2 month period. We can't really spend any more time than this. I have driven through the Rockies in April (it was a bit snowy) so I have a small amount of experience driving in the snow. We covered about 1300 miles in 5 days, but we had 2 of us driving We are from Australia so we don't get a lot of cold weather!

    Appreciate your comments - thanks in advance.

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    Default weather or not

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    Any time you are traveling in December, winter weather is a possibility. There is a chance that you'd see snow pretty much everywhere north of Florida. As you get farther south, into places like Nashville and Atlanta, they see snow less often, but when they do get it (they've both been hit with a couple snowstorms this year) they aren't very adept at dealing with it and so the problems can last a long time (until it melts!).

    Having said that, there is no way of know what the weather will be 10 days from now, much less 10 months for now. The good thing with your plan, if you needed to pick up the pace, you could fairly easily. In good conditions you could get to Miami in 2.5 days from Chicago.

    All of your legs should be very easy. The longest is Atlanta to Orlando which is going to take you around 7 hours, so you won't have very much time in Orlando, but still very doable in a day.

    4 wheel drive won't provide much help for a trip like this. Its great to get traction to help you get moving if you get stuck in a bad storm, but when you're talking about interstate highway travel, the bigger concern in bad weather is the ability to stop - and 4 wheel drive does nothing to help in that regard. A rental 4 wheel drive will typically cost far more than with a regular sedan.

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