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    Hello all

    I have been browsing through your excellent site and forum to gather some preliminary info regarding a road trip my partner and I are planning. We plan to drive from Chicago to LA over a period of 30 days or so.

    We have enjoyed excellent road trips in New Zealand where we have hired a camper (RV) and apart from a rough plan we have kept our day to day plans flexible to allow us to learn and discover along the way. We have also found that travelling in a camper in NZ can be more social than being in a car.

    It appears to me that the RV lifestyle is very popular in the US but do forum members think that its a viable option for a 30day trip rather than car hire and hotel accommodation?

    thanks in advance


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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    It depends on what you are expecting out of your trip. If you are going to be spending more time traveling around in cities, then driving an RV in those areas can be difficult. If you are going to spend more time out in the open country, then it might be a decent option to meet your needs. I don't think I'd want to drive in LA in an RV, but that's personal preference.

    RVing is very popular here and you will not have difficulty finding a place to set up camp for any length of time.

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    A RV would be a very viable option, it really is more of a lifestyle choice. The rental cost of a RV and its fuel usage will be higher than a standard car, but you will save some money with campsites as opposed to hotel rooms. The only time a RV can be a burden is in cities. Negotiating city streets and finding parking can be a hassle.

    Note that we don't really have "campervans" here - everything you can rent is generally pretty large.

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    Wow, that was a quick response, thanks very much. Yes I agree that RV's are not for city sightseeing so as we nut out the itinerary we will keep that in mind and either avoid larger centres all together or choose a car as our preferred transport option.

    glc - I should have double checked the language I used in my question - a camper to us includes anything up to 6-8 berth vehicles. The term "RV" really isn't a term we would use regularly unless we are referring to those over the top truck/bus beasts that seem to be very popular over your side of the world. The "camper" I have in mind for us would be a six berth number as I don't like to be cramped or have to unpack everything of a morning just to make a brew. :)

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    Here are examples of what you can rent over here. I think a "standard" may be the best compromise. Cruise America is one of a few reputable national RV rental companies.

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    A class 'C' RV is the most popular rental and a 25/27ft would be a good compromise on room, storage space and cost for 2.

    Although City centres are not a good place to be with an RV, there are often RV parks around the City's that have transport links, of even shuttle buses into the centre. I agree that the RV really is more at home in the Countryside and never more so than in the National park areas, but you don't have to rule out every City for the sake of an RV.

    Rental costs, mpg return, campground fees and extra costs associated with the RV will make it far more expensive than a car and Motels with 2 sharing the cost, but a wonderful lifestyle choice if it's for you.

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