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    Default Yet Another Seattle to San Francisco

    Hi, We are planning a trip in September this year. Flying into Seattle from Scotland where we are going to hire a car and drive down to San Francisco. We are happy to go with the flow and just stop when we feel like it. What I really want to know is are there plenty truck stops [big rigs I think you call them] along the way. This will keep my husband happy as he is a fanatic and would like to take lots of pics. Thank you

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    Truck stops are generally at Interstate highway (motorway) exits, and there are plenty of them. You probably won't find them on the smaller scenic roads unless it's also a through truck route.

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    Default Truck loads of info !

    There is much to do between Seattle and San Fran besides the truck stops though ! Lol.

    How much you get to see will depend on the time you have available, but you will find Truck loads of info by using the Forum search function. You can also scroll down this page where you will find 'Similar threads'.

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