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  1. Default Indianapolis to Disneyland AND back again! :)

    Completely new to this site with high hopes!
    We're going to pull our little 19' camper from Indy to Disneyland this summer. We'd like to take one route out and another back again; to try to see as much of the "must-sees" as we can. Our kids will be 5 and 7. I want them to get a real sense for the greatness, uniqueness and grandeur of our country.
    I have no idea what to see and where to stay (19'trailer camper remember). Rushmore, Biggest ball of twine, Ol' Faithful?
    Not very interested in driving in to cities unless we park the trailer first then jaunt in.
    Thanks in advance for an/all help!

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    Default Family Road Trips are pretty great

    I still remember some of the family road trips and the tent trailer events from my earliest days. Here's an article about some tips I've learned about planning family road trips. Off-line I suggested ways to use the new mapping programs. How much time do you have for this adventure?


  3. Default hoping for memories for the kids...

    I have great memories too! Of course those were done in a non-AC stationwagon and a beat up old army tent. Loved it! That's what we're trying to instill in our kids as well. We have about 3 weeks.

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    What better way to go out to Disneyland than Route 66. You can cut over to Springfield to pick it up.

    Coming back, drive the old Lincoln Highway which will take you back to the northern portion of Indiana.

    That's seeing all aspects of America.

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