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    Default Tucson day trip

    Looking for suggestions for a good day trip into the forests/hills north of Tucson. We've already been to Mt. Lemmon. We will be on our Harley. Going late April.

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    As you are no doubt aware, there are only a few roads that head north out of the Tucson area. In fact if you leave off I-10 and its associated frontage roads, there are really only two, AZ-77 and AZ-79. AZ-77 is easily the more visually and topographically interesting, although you could certainly make a loop using both of them and connecting them across the top using US-60 and possibly AZ-177. Along such a loop you'd find Biosphere 2, the Boyce-Thompson Arboretum, the 'world's smallest museum', Tonto National Forest and Pinal Pass. Another option, although somewhat longer, would be to take the Coronodo Trail (US-191) up through Safford and Morenci to Hannegan Meadow and back. That would make for a relatively long day in the saddle but the payoff would be that the Coronodo Trail through Clifton and Morenci is one of the great bike roads of the southwest, full of twists and turns and great scenery, and just east of Safford is a little know gem, the Gila Box Riparian National Conservation Area. One final option, if you're just looking for a ride and don't mind dirt roads and the occasional river fording is the Ironwood Forest National Monument northwest of town.


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    thanks for the suggestions. aside from the hassle of stop n' go from the east side of town to 77, it sounds like a nice ride.

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