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    Default Summer Road Trippin'

    I'm planning a roadtrip for the summer of 2012, but I need to start getting things together now. My goal is to make it to Los Angelas, California and travel along the Pacific Coast. I have always wanted to do this, and I totally am going to make this dream happen!
    I mapped my path out...but I'm coming from the east coast, PA actually.
    It'll be myself, and six other friends.
    I'm thinking a month for this, but I need help planning.
    where do i stay?
    where do we eat?
    Cheap as possible! But also for the where to stay part, I drive a land rover discovery so I have room to sleep in there and with tents and sleeping bags I, along with the others, are willing to sleep outside to save motel money.
    What sights should we plan to see, and how much money should we each bring!?
    thanks for the time guys!

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    I may be reading this wrong, but you plan on taking a 1 month road trip with 7 people and camping gear in a Land Rover Discovery?

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    Default Group discussion.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Other than the first possible hurdle that glc has addressed above, only you can answer most of your initial questions.

    where do i stay?
    With a tent, I would look for Campgrounds along the map you have laid out. State parks, National parks, BLM campgrounds all offer good value, and in some cases free camping. Keep to designated area's though. Some are primitive camping and others will have shower blocks and water etc.
    You might find that a Motel every few nights to freshen up and get a soft bed for the night would be rewarding and ease any tensions.

    where do we eat?
    At the tent cooking from the Cooler, Fast food joint, Posh restaurants, where you want really.

    What sights should we plan to see, and how much money should we each bring!?
    You should visit the sites that interest you and work your trip around the person with the smallest budget.

    At this early stage in your planning I would suggest you look around the forums with a good map to hand and sit down as a group and ask yourselves these questions. If you are on totally different wavelengths a trip like this could end in disaster and spoil long standing friendships. This fun Compatibility test is a good way to get discussions started. Once you have sorted out the basics we can help you fill in the detail, but you need to make the first move as a group.

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    Default size matters

    I've got to say the size of your group may be the single largest problem with planning your trip.

    The vehicle issues is a major one. With 7 people and gear, you're going to need at least 2 SUVs, and even that's not going to provide anywhere enough space to sleep in the car. Even if you had seats for 7 people in one SUV, you'd have no room left over for a months worth of stuff.

    I'll also say there are lots of other issues with a group that large. 7 people means 7 different opinions on what to see, how long to stay there, travel styles, etc. Traveling with a group never means you can simply say "my goal is to make it to los angeles...." because you also need to make sure you're also factoring the goals of the 6 other people.

    Logistically, its also a hassle. You need to find 7 people who can give up a month of their life, and all have a similar amount of money available. I get the impression that you are likely a young group, and while that may mean you have the freedom of having a month available, it also means that it is very likely that some members of your group will end up having things come up that will make it impossible for them to go.

    And make no mistake, there are things you can do to keep costs down, like camping and cooking your own food, but being on the road is expensive. Just throwing a number out there, you'll each need about $1500, at the bare minimum for a month long trip.

    A month long trip is a major trip, and there will be a lot of work ahead to make your dream a reality. It can be done, and the planning can be fun, but you do have a lot of things to work on and to think about.

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    I think you can be sure that 7 folks talking about it now will translate to, at most, 3 going when the time comes. People talk a lot but rarely do what they talk about.

    I did a solo motorcycle trip across the country and halfway back long ago.

    I tent camped in State campgrounds. Cooked oatmeal and tea on a one-burner Coleman stove for breakfast. Bought fast food for lunch. Bought an early dinner (4 pm sometimes) in a nearby town before finding the night's campground.

    Stayed in a few cheap motels along the way to both clean up and either dry out from a day of riding in the rain or avoid a night of camping in all-day rain. Also visited a couple of friends/relatives along the way who gave me aid and comfort.

    If I were do do it again this year (wish I could!) I'd do it very similarly though my gear choices would be more informed and I'd use a stove that could burn unleaded gasoline so I could use my bike's fuel tank for refills. (And I have a lot of backpacking experience now that would help in many ways).

    Practice your campout for a weekend or two before hitting the road. You'll need some time to discover and readjust your gear and techniques.

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    Thanks for the time guys!
    yes, 7 of us are of now. which noFanofCB mentioned, will end up cutting into about three or four of us.
    We were all planning on bringing two thousand, well that'd be the goal.
    knowing some of my friends it will end up being 1500, at the most.
    So money is an issue but i don't want to go shopping or anything, i just want to adventure out beyond the east coast.
    another thing is when we camp in state parks, won't we need permits to do so?

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    Yes, state park campgrounds will almost always involve a fee. The exact fee will depend upon the state and the services offered (showers, electricity, etc), and just to be clear, most of the time camping in state parks will be in campgrounds.

    There are very few area where you can camp for free. There are some areas out there, like backcountry areas of National Forest lands, but in those cases you will have no services at all. (no tables, toilets, and everything is "pack in, pack out."), and you can't just assume you can set up camp anywhere. There are typically rules about how far from roads, rivers, etc you need to be, and in some cases it won't be allowed at all.

    BTW, if you do get all 7 people to show up, what are your plans for transportation?

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    If all seven come along, my car fits 7. This is not going to be a good way to transport though because of luggage and things but I think a set five people are ready to roll, and those will be the only ones coming.
    The thing is, they need to realize they will be bringing at least 500 each to help with gas.
    I also considered rental cars, I just don't know how i feel about driving a car i'm not familiar with along with leaving my car somewhere.
    what would you suggest?
    and I found waivers for certain campgrounds we could pass and possibly camp at, would those be legitimate documents to sign and bring along while camping?
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    If you insist on bringing 7 people you should consider bringing a small trailer and a roof storage device. Ive never heard of a waiver for a campground. The steps you should take is map out your route on google maps. Find the campgrounds your going to stay at and then connect everything. Find out how much gas will be spent with a gas calculator and just lay out the whole plan and make sure everything makes sense
    aprox. state campgrounds $35 a nite per 6 people
    National park campground $15
    private campgrounds $15
    Koa campgrounds $45
    hostel $20 in nyc $45

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ter View Post
    I found waivers for certain campgrounds we could pass and possibly camp at, would those be legitimate documents to sign and bring along while camping?
    I've not heard of this before - can you give a description?

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