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    My husband and 2 kids (aged 7 and 4) are planning our first ever USA Roadtrip. It's in an RV and we plan to take in Savannah then Charleston and then meander up the coast via Myrtle Beach and on to the Outer Banks. If anyone knows any RV campgrounds ideally near the towns and the coast / beach and with a pool we would really appreciate any info you can provide. Also any 'must sees' on route?

    Prior to starting the main and leisurely part of the trip, we plan to get down to Savannah from DC in 2 or 3 hops and we are wondering if anyone has any suggestions of places to stop off not too far from I 95.

    Many thanks!

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    Instead of taking I-95 from DC to Savannah, I'd recommend you go inland. Take I-66 to I-81 to I-77 to I-26. You could even take portions of the Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway.

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    Default I'll Second That

    While we have a saying around here that there are no boring roads, I-95's purpose in life leans decidedly toward the utilitarian. I agree with glc that you'd do much better off by heading inland a bit and following the Appalachians south before heading over to the coast for the return trip. Some of the highlights of such a journey were previously listed here.


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    Default Campground guidebook

    Hello Lisa,

    I think what you really need is a current edition of Woodall's or some similar campground guidebook. The Woodall's publication I'm most familiar with features detailed descriptions of commercial campgrounds and their various facilities and amenities. The field work is done by experienced RV'ers and the volume is updated annually. Since campgrounds advertise heavily in the book, there are often pictures and discount coupons to be found in Woodall's.

    Heading west out of DC to get back to Savannah as noted above is a GREAT idea.


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