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  1. Default Tips/suggestions for LA/LV/SF trip in late Dec/early Jan

    Hi everyone
    Im a first time poster after reading through all the great threads. The advice and suggestions on here are fantastic so I know im in the right place!

    My girlfriend and I are planning a trip (we are from New Zealand) to LA, LV and SF in late December through to mid Jan for 3 weeks. We have a party we would like to attend in LV over New Years and would like to spend a few days there with friends.

    We are looking at getting a reantal car for the 3 weeks we are there. I have been to the states 10 years ago and spent time in both LA and LV but my GF hasnt been.

    Our basic plan is to spend a week in LA seeing the sights and maybe Christmas there and then driving to LV for 4 days. From there im not sure. We would love to go to Death Valley on the way to SF and would also love to go to Yeosmite but reading posts on here it sounds like the road would be closed with snow at that time of year. Any suggestions would be fantastic!

    Once in SF we would like to spend 4 days there then make our way down to LA over a few days stopping along the way at yet undecided places.

    Any ideas?? Is this enough time to have a pretty relaxed trip and see that part of the country?

    Thanks so much

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Your trip looks pretty good. You can still do Death Valley and Yosemite, you just can't reach Yosemite via Tioga Pass. You'll have to go around to the south via Bakersfield. You could potentially also visit Sequoia on your way too.

    With a few days to get from SF to LA, that will leave you a nice amount of time to enjoy a relaxing and scenic trip down the coast. In fact, I'd say you'd also have enough time to at least make it out the the Grand Canyon and maybe even hit a few other sites in Northern Arizona or even Southern Utah.

    This is the most popular trip outline on the forum, so there's almost an overwhelming amount of information here, but continue to look around, and we'll be glad to help as you have more specific questions.

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    Thanks so much for that. I was concerned about the snow closing roads but ill check out the route your have suggested and see if that works.

    Really just wanting a relaxing holiday where we can spend some time looking around places and not have to rush everywhere. Are there plenty of cheap motels/backpacker places in the areas we are looking at?

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    Default It's possible.

    Thanks so much for that. I was concerned about the snow closing roads
    When driving in the middle of winter you will have to keep an eye on road and weather conditions as you travel as it's possible you could have some disruption. Sequoia and Yosemite are open year round but can see temporary road closures, you would be required to carry snow chains and use them if need be.

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