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    hi =) me and my girlfriend are planning a road trip from new york to los angeles in this summer
    we plan to stay in the us approx. 3 weeks. we wanna spend a few days in new york first and start the trip. so i have some questions

    1. we where thinking about making the trip in 7 days. only things we know now that we wanna see is: route 66, grand canyon, maybe a national park. do you think this is enough time ? and are there some other point of intrest you would recommend ?

    2. what do i have to expect to pay for a rental car ? i was thinking of a convertible like a mustang or corvette. i need a international driving licens or can i use my norwegian licens ?

    4. what month would you do the trip in ? must be in the summer sometime, dont wanna freeze :P

    when we come to california we wanna spend a few days at las vegas and los angeles and also we wanna se alcatraz in san fransisco maybe. then we are taking a flight to florida ,orlando to go to disneyworld =)

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    It would be possible to do the trip in 5 solid day's of driving so you won't have much time for anything other than a day at the Grand canyon and a day in Las Vegas and it would be rushed. Anytime in LA/SF and elsewhere in California would be additional days to the 7 days mentioned, plus of course any extra day's in Las Vegas etc.

    Route 66 was decommissioned many years ago and replaced by Interstate, although parts of the original route can be found. Between Grand canyon and Vegas you can find a long stretch just off I 40 that goes through Seligman to Kingman.

    It would be best to research for the best rental deals. If you are under 25 years of age you will have a daily surcharge and you will also have a one way drop off fee.

    Your Norwegian license would need to be translated into English. [I think]

    Personally, I would travel in September as the crowds are going and the temps in the Desert areas are manageable.

    Have a look around RTA for ideas and as you build your trip and have questions, just ask.

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    If your license is not in English, you will need an International Driving Permit. Obtain it before you leave Norway. This is simply a translation of your license into about 10 other languages.

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