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    we are taking a trip in march from ontario canada to bristol tennesse to the nascar race, when map the route it looks like we will have to go through a few tolls, i wanted to know if anyone has info on how much the tolls will cost and where they are located.

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    First of all, "Ontario" is a huge province, so we don't even know where you're starting from and therefore don't know what your route would be or where you plan to cross the border. Also, we don't know what kind of vehicle you'll be driving (which affects how much you pay on toll routes). But, assuming that you'll be crossing in the Niagara Falls/Buffalo area, the only tolls you have to worry about are those on whichever toll bridge you use across the river and those on the New York State Thruway and along the West Virginia Turnpike.


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    Without knowing where in the entire province you are starting from, its hard to say what tolls you could be talking about. It might be something as small as just one of the bridge/tunnel crossings into the US, or you could have an extended stretch of road on tollway. On a paper map, these roads will typically be colored green.

    Otherwise, there isn't a single toll road database, but every state with a toll road system typical does have a website with toll information. Those sites can easily be found by doing a basic internet search.

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