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  1. Default San Francisco to Miami (Driving in sedan)

    My partner and I are looking at doing a driving trip from San Francisco to Miama in August & September 2012 and are looking for some advice on some of the places listed eg should we stay longer in some regions, alternate towns to stop for night or not much worth seeing etc.

    The main reason for the trip is to experience the countryside and see things unique to USA.

    We have already done the drive before San Fransisco , Yosemite, Death Valley and Vegas but the rest of the region is unknown.

    Our rough Itinerary would be as follows;

    San Francisco to Yosemite (2 Nights)
    Yosemite to Death Valley (1 Night)
    Death Valley to Vegas (2-3 Nights)
    Vegas to North Rim Grand Canyon (1 Night)
    Grand Canyon to Monument Valley (1 Night)
    Monument Valley to Grand Junction (1 Night)
    Grand Junction to Denver (1- 2 Nights)
    Denver to Salina (1 Night)
    Salina to Kansas City (1 Night)
    Kansas City to St Louis (1 Night)
    St Louis to Louisville (1 Night)
    Louisville to Nashville (1 -2 Nights)
    Nashville to Memphis (1 -2 Nights)
    Memphis to Birmingham (1 Night)
    Birmingham to Atlanta (1 Night)
    Atlanta to Jacksonville (1 Night)
    Jacksonville to Orlando (2 Nights)
    Orlanda to Miami (2-3 Nights)
    Miami to Key West (1-2 Nights)
    Keywest to Tampa (1 Night)
    Tampa to Orlando (1 Night)

    After Orlando we are taking a train to New York doing a tour and flying back to San francisco for a couple of nights before returning to Sydney Australia.

    Many of the places we have listed are to limit daily driving of 4-5 hours except in some cases.

    Has anyone completed a similiar trip and has suggestions or alternate more interesting route.

    We are coming back again to do another trip from to cover the USA & Canadian Border and thus we have not worried about going up towards yellowstone, Mt Rushmore, Chicago etc.

    I look forward to any advice.
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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Your plan is generally decent, although after Monument Valley it seems focused almost exclusively on cities.

    Just a few of the many other things you could look at doing would be spending more time exploring the parks of Utah and Colorado, spending a little time on the Great River Road (perhaps St. Louis to Memphis) or exploring the Smokey Mountains. That's a very small sample of some of the other things you could be looking at to put a little more variety into your trip.

    I'll also say that it doesn't really make much sense to visit Orlando, tour around Florida, and then go back to Orlando. I'd just save it for the end.

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    Thanks Michael

    I'll do a bit more research around the areas you have suggested and I have changed the plan to thanks to your suggestion to not go Jacksonville to Orlando, rather continue to Miami.


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