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    I am currently planning a road trip for August 2011. It will be two people starting in central New York. We want to try to hit some combination of Badlands, Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde, Rocky Mountain National Park, and back to central New York. That would be the tentative order. Is this reasonable for a 3 week trip or too ambitious? We obviously want to be able to spend some time at each place, and could cut certain places out to more thoroughly experience other places. Thank you in advance for responses.


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    Three weeks is a reasonable time frame for the trip you are planning. You could always find plenty to do to fill additional time if you had it, but you shouldn't feel terribly rushed with what you have. Obviously you are going to want to spend more time in Yellowstone than at Mount Rushmore. I'd count on a minimum of a day each at the Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde and Rocky Mountain, and several days at Yellowstone. Unfortunately August is the peak season at Yellowstone and so getting around the park will be slow going as there are only so many roads, wildlife has the right of way, and everybody is stopping to gawk. Plan on as much time off the roads hiking and exploring as you can. Also, set aside some time for short stops at both smaller parks and attractions along your routes and other sites that may not be as crowded near the major stops. For example, near Mount Rushmore are the Crazy Horse Memorial, the Badlands, Wind and Jewel Caves and Devils Tower; and near the Grand Canyon are Walnut Canyon, Sunset Crater and Wupatki National Monuments as well as Lowell Observatory and the Museum of Northern Arizona in Flagstaff.


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