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    I am trying to organise a roadtrip from Oregon to New York then down to Florida. Then from Florida to LA and back up to Oregon via highway 101. We will probably Be stopping at 6 main locations for at least one night/full day some for 2 nights. My question is... realistically how long should this take us? We are planning on driving long hours between stops, taking turns driving and sleeping.

    Any other info for a newbie at roadtrips would be helpful.
    thank you

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    Default 'Newbie' error.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Realistically, this is a minimum of two weeks dedicated to the driving alone. Your plan to drive 'Long hours and switch driving and sleeping' is fraught with the dangers of driving while tired and a sure fire recipe to make the trip a miserable experience. If there is 2 of you going then the driver will be alone while the other rests, with no one to keep an eye on him/her as they drive while deprived of proper sleep in a moving car. Even if there are more travellers, each time you stop some of your party would wake and want to do things while the others would be exhausted and want to rest.

    You will need a minimum of 4 stops [5 day's] from Oregon to NY, > 1 to Orlando[?] [2 day's] > 4 to LA [5 day's] and 2 to 3 stops back to Oregon, depending on your finishing point and how much travelling along 101. On top of this you will have to add any sight seeing detours and multi night stops or else all you will do is drive day after day. You do not have to cover huge distances to make a road trip enjoyable and for a first trip I think you may well be biting off more than you can chew.

    If you don't have the funds or the time to make this work then I would seriously reconsider cutting back, as it stands your first road trip is in danger of becoming your last.

    Have a think and when you have new questions just ask.

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    I have to agree, I think you are dramatically underestimating just how big the US is and dramatically over estimating how much ground you can actually cover.

    As Dave mentioned, you'd need at least 2 weeks, but that's driving pretty much all day every day. You'd need at least 3 weeks to stop and see anything at all, and if you wanted to do anything more than just the most basic overview, you're looking at a month long trip.

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