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  1. Default Brand new here!!! Planning a RV trip from Houston to the Grand Canyon

    My husband and I have decided to rent a Motorhome and take our 6 kids to the Grand Canyon (ages 9-17) We typically take cruises because it's so expensive to go anywhere with our family size. But would like to see our beautiful country instead of heading down to Mexico. WE are brand new to this and would love any suggestions or pointers. We only have about 10 days to travel if that helps. We all love the outdoors and I am the only one who has ever been to the Grand Canyon. Thanks guys!!!!


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    Default First hurdle.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Your first hurdle will be to find an RV that will carry 8 people. Yes, everyone could fit in and the larger RV's usually sleep 6 to 7 so 'squeezing' an extra sleeping place may not be a problem. [or you could take a tent] The main issue will be the number of seat belts available in the RV as most States require that all passengers be buckled up.

    In a large RV you will need a minimum of 5 day's dedicated to driving to get out and back, so your remaining 5 days can be split between time at the Canyon and sight seeing along the way and/or making the drive a little more relaxed and less tedious for the kids.

    Take a different route each way to get a change of scenery, perhaps consider Carlsbad caverns, White sands NM and/or Roswell on the way out towards Albuquerque and then I 40 past Petrified Forest to GC. You could consider a detour through Monument Valley, Four Corners, Santa Fe to Amarillo on the way home. These are just a few of many options so I would look around the forums with a good map to hand and get the whole family involved in the planning. If you make the Kid's part of it and let them have input, they will have much more interest in the trip, which in turn will make it more enjoyable for everyone.

    Let us know if you have any specific questions that need answering.

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    Yep did find a RV that sleeps 8. It's a 34' Hurricane - Class A Motor Home - 3 Slds. Bunk Hse. I'm looking upthe routes you suggested. And you mentioned some key place we would love to visit. Now I need to estimate the cost of fuel. What's the best method to do that?


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    Default Seat belts ?

    100 dollar a night in a decent hotel room? is that per person? makes all the difference in the budget
    You should still check that there are seat belts available for all 8 when travelling or check check State laws. You can see for example that all in the front must be belted and anyone in the rear under 17 must be belted up.

    Now I need to estimate the cost of fuel.
    You will not see much more than 8 mpg from a class 'A' RV and your trip will be in the region of 2,700 miles, requiring Approx 340 gallons. If you can find gas around $3 per gallon you are looking at a $1000.

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