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    hey all

    very handy forum, this one!

    we're planning a 3-week road trip along the west coast (vancouver to LA) next June, and we're already busy with internet digging for sights, locations etc. This thread is a nice kickstart :)

    could someone give some advice on car transportation? we're flying in from Europe and have no car. Is renting one the only option? and if yes, are there any things we should keep in mind in order to keep the budget as low as possible?

    thanks in advance
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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    If you want to get around by car, your only real option is to rent one. [And it's the best way of getting around] Things to consider when renting to keep your costs low are, A 'one way drop off fee' usually applies if you are thinking of a one way trip, so it is cheaper to return it to the pick up location. Any named drivers under 25 years old will face a hefty surcharge, any under 21 will not normally be able to drive. It will most likely be cheaper to pre-book your car on-line through a European agent. Lot's of Companies offer special deals and there is not a single place that offers the 'best' deal. You will need to shop around to find a deal that best fits your requirements and compare.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    You will need to check very carefully with your rental car company about a one way rental from Vancouver to Los Angeles. While it is usually quite easy to dross the border in a rental car, it is not so easy to rent a car in one country and leave it in another, particularly 1300 miles from 'home'. You may need to take public transport from Vancouver to Seattle (ferry, train or bus) and rent your car there.


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