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    Adventurous Mom driving teen sons/friends to Orlando over spring break. Allowing for 2-3 days driving to/from. Will be down there at least three days. Going to Universal to check out Harry Potter. Any suggestions on:
    1) where to stay and get park tix on the cheap?
    2) any odd/fun things to see on the way there or back?
    3) any places/areas to avoid enroute?

    Appreciate any direction. Head is spinning looking at all the websites! :)

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    It will take you a solid two days to make that drive, so if that's all you're going to take in either direction all you'll have time for is to just drive the shortest route, I-65/I-24/I-75. If you add a third day, then you have a choice of either spending some quality time along the way, say at Mammoth Cave and Okefenokee Swamp. Or you could take a slightly longer route and make shorter stops. As just one example you could head a bit farther east and include some beach time by leaving I-65 at Louisville and taking I-64/I-75/I-40/I-26/I-95 through Savannah and Daytona Beach.

    As for deals, your best bet is just to scour the internet looking for hotel/park combo packages. I would suspect, however, that the Harry Potter park is still new enough and popular enough that deeply discounted tickets are going to be hard to come by.

    We don't generally recommend avoiding any specific areas, but a couple of good rules of thumb are just to remember that everyplace is somebody's home town, and that your best protection is your own sense of comfort. If a situation or place makes you leary, then just move on. Besides, you'll have all those young men around for support.


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