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    Default Need info about Utah/Arizona please!

    Hi all,

    It's been a while I haven't posted, but I have a couple questions that I can hopefully find some answers to.
    I'm planning a small road trip in April, and since I am now addicted to the desert, i will be heading to Utah environs again. I've been trying to finalize plans and i have some sticky areas:

    1. Will be going to The Wave, Coyote Buttes. Wanted to know if there is a place nearby there (coming from the Las Vegas area) where there is a nice campground, or could I just backcountry camp around there?

    2. Would like to see Antelope Slot Canyon. Can anyone recommend a good, 'unrushed' way of seeing it? Been seeing that a lot of tours simply rush you around. Should I go to the Lower or Upper Canyon? Who is the best guides in your opinion? Can I just drive there instead of taking a tour?- or get a native tour guide near the entrance?

    3. Been trying to find a good place to stay in Monument Valley, but saw that the campground there was dismantled. Does anyone know of a good campground nearby? Would also like to meet and talk with the native americans in the area, what's the best way to approach this?

    Also, would love to meet up with fellow road trippers when i'm out there! I will be in these mentioned areas and Canyonlands, Goblin Valley State Park, Bryce and Las Vegas for Easter break. Tips on good hikes in the Needles District of Canyonlands would be welcome too!


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    Default Both Ends of the Spectrum are Difficult

    You will often see the moderators and regular contributors here warn first time questioners that it's impossible to respond to a question like: "I've got 6 weeks to see the US. What routes should I take and what should I see?" Such questions are just far too broad to be answered usefully. Unfortunately, it's practically also true that the more specific your question(s), the less likely you are to get a response since the few regular writers are unlikely to have been to the precise venue you are asking about. That is likely to be the case with your present questions. There may be somebody around who has used the exact campsites you mention, but don't count on it. Antelope Canyon is a Navajo Tribal Park and access is by guided tour only. If you want a more tranquil tour, you can contact each of the 5 licensed operators and inquire as to the pace of their tours and what special arrangements might be made. But note that I would think that these guided tours, as well as those of Monument Valley would be an excellent opportunity to interact with Native Americans, as would visiting any tribal museums in the area. These would include but not be limited to the Navajo Nation Museum in Window Rock and the Hopi Cultural Center in Second Mesa, as well as the Uintah County Western Heritage Museum in Vernal and the Museum of Northern Arizona in Flagstaff.

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    Default The 'Photography tour'.

    I have heard that the 'Photography tours' through Antelope canyon are taken at a slow pace and seem to take priority, they are also during the time of day when the light is at it's best for photography.

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    Default Absolutely!

    Take a Photography tour if you don't want to be rushed.

    If you want to take photos though, take a tripod and a camera that can take a time exposure; it's darker in there than you'd think.

    Here's what your group will look like; while they're shooting you can be looking.

    Photo: Don Casey

    The trips are longer, and your guide will work with other guides running non-photographers thru to hold them back while your group shoots, then let them scoot through so you can move to the next section, set up and shoot some more.

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    We tent camped at Goulding's at Monument Valley. It's across the road from the park, and although the sites are very close together, it was a rather nice campground surrounded by red rock. We even snagged a site with a view of the monuments. The Navajo operate the park and all the tours inside it, so there are plenty of opportunities for interaction. Goulding's is also run by Navajo.

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    Default Thank you!!

    I thought of that- that the information I needed was quite specific, but I had faith that somebody would have known ;)

    That's what I am looking for also- interaction with the native americans, and a 1 hour tour in Antelope doesn't seem like it would be able to do that. that's another reason I would like to stay in Monument Valley also.

    Thanks for the info!
    Thank you also for the info on Gouldings, I think that might be my best bet. Saw they do full moon tours, and it seems like my trip would fall around that time :)

    Has anyone been to Coyote Buttes??

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    I read tha you have to apply well in advance to get a permit to visit the wave in Coyote Buttes.

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