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    Hi. A friend and I are planning a road trip from the 28th August this year to the 17th September (3 weeks). So far we have agreed we're going to fly to Miami then head down to Key West then go to Disney World in Orlando, New Orleans Louisiana, Houston (Space Centre) and Austin in Texas, Tucson/Tombstone (OK Corral shootout and maybe Old Tucson Studios) in Arizona then drive up possibly via u.s. route 93 to Las Vegas then down through Mojave National Preserve and Joshua Tree National Park to Palm Springs to finish in Los Angeles. I actually went to Houston and Arlington Texas in 2008 and saw the space centre but my friend hasn't so said would go again! However I have a couple of questions.

    Any suggestions on sites to see at these places I have mentioned? Any recommended (but not too pricey!) hotels, restaurants etc? Have been reading the guide books but so many suggestions!

    What are the best roads/routes to take? Don't just want to drive interstates the whole way! Thinking A1A for Miami. is a good website to check them out.

    Was looking at fuel cost because considering a ford escape with 28mpg (possibility of a couple of other friends attending). The drive will be roughly 3500 miles, I assume the fuel price calculator on this website is giving the results in dollars?

    I am from the UK so not sure! Put in 3500 miles at 28 mpg and guessed at 3.5 dollars per gallon. Just need a good estimate really cos want to work out hotel/flight/car and fuel prices in advance so can work out spends for when there.

    Also any sports on during those 3 weeks? Looked at NBA, NHL and NFL they all seem to start in October. Well NFL I think mid September. My friend and I would love to watch a game but I haven't found anything that matches those dates and the direction we're heading. No MLS though, watch enough football at home!

    Probs have other questions but thats all I can think for now.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Let me tell you that 28 mpg for a Ford Escape just isn't a real world number. I've got one and I rarely get much over 20mpg. Mine's 4wd, so it does a little worse, but even with 2wd like you'll get in a rental, I doubt you'll get more than 25 mph. Also remember, you'll spend a lot of time driving around towns that aren't included in point to point mileage estimates, adding additional miles, plus if you are doing 2 lane roads, you'll have a lot more stop and go traffic further reducing your mpg. $3.50 could be a good estimate, but it is hard to say. It is already at that point in some areas, and will certainly go higher as we move into summer. You might want to estimate $4 to be on the safe side.

    Baseball will be in full swing in September, so that's easy. Football also usually starts at the beginning of September (although there are some labor issues that could keep that from happening next fall), but since you are traveling through the Southeast, I'd recommend you look at spending a Saturday going to a College football game. I think that would be a very fun American sports experience for you.

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    I would plan on 20 cents a mile for petrol. 3500 miles = $700.

    If you are going to try to take non-Interstate highways on this trip, I think your 3 weeks may run out sooner than you may be anticipating. A1A along the Florida coast is pretty slow going in many places.

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