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  1. Default 16 days starting and finishing in Atlanta-help needed!

    Hi there
    My husband and I have flights booked into and out of Atlanta in September and need help with an itinerary. This is what we are currently thinking of doing:

    Atlanta-2 nights
    Nashville-2 nights
    Memphis-2 nights
    New Orleans-3 nights
    Destin-3 nights
    Clearwater-4 nights

    We don't mind driving quite long distances in a day but want to make sure we are not going to stretch ourselves too much. Also, have we got the amount of time in each place about right?

    Have we missed anywhere?



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    Here are the approximate driving times between all those cities using most efficient routes:

    Atlanta - Nashville: 5 hours
    Nashville - Memphis: 4 hours
    Memphis - New Orleans: 7 hours
    New Orleans - Destin: 5 hours
    Destin - Clearwater: 9 hours
    Clearwater - Atlanta: 9 hours

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    Default generally

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm not sure we can really answer your questions, at this point. We know absolutely nothing about what you are planning to do other than to stop in each of these cities, so we really can't tell you how much time you'll need there.

    The one thing we can say is that you're doing just fine in terms of being able to drive between city to city. None of these places are more than 400 miles away from each other (except for your drive home which is approaching 500), so they are all pretty easy to get between in a days drive. And since you're spending multiple nights in each of them, that will give you time to at the very least see the highlights of each area.

    The one caveat and/or question I'd have is: Are cities the only thing you are looking to do? For example, the Smokey Mountains could easily be put into your trip between Atlanta and Nashville, or you could follow a route like the Great River Road or the Natchez Trace between Memphis and New Orleans.

    There's no right answers, but if we know more about what you are hoping to see and do, beyond a list of cities, we'll be more able to provide you more specific help.

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