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    Default Camping and hiking in Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park - mid to late June

    Hi all - Husband and I are planning a potential return trip to Rocky Mountain National Park in mid-late June. We visited for one day this past summer on our big road trip, and I ended up with elevation sickness from a too-ambitious hike. Learned my lesson the hard way on that! I'm looking forward to seeing the park at a slower pace this summer (and not getting sick).

    We plan to tent camp. I'm looking for recommendations on campgrounds within the park - specifically Glacier Basin and Moraine Park. We like campgrounds that offer walk-in/more secluded sites that aren't extremely close to RV sites (because listening to a generator run all night isn't exactly pleasant, as we found out this past summer). A view of the mountains is always nice. :) I've read that Glacier Basin has lost most of its trees due to the pine beetle outbreak. I'm thinking that a treeless site might not be so bad in June, as it would allow the tent to soak up some sun during the day so it's not quite so freezing at night.

    Any information about going to RMNP in June would also be appreciated. I'm curious as to the possibility of snowfall and the general state of the hiking trails in June.

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    Default The "scene of the crime", RMNP

    Hello morgail,

    My bride and I spent our honeymoon camping in RMNP, backpacking for the most part. And only 32.5 years ago!

    Your post caught my eye inasmuch our trip was my wife's first ever backpacking experience, first time at any elevation west of the Blue Ridge Mountains, first trip to the Rockies, etc. She became sick as a dog from altitude.

    I'd had considerable experience backpacking before and had packed into the Wind River Range in WY for 10 days the previous summer. Still, not having made myself fully aware of the elevation changes on our planned routes in RMNP turned out to be a major problem. We solved that problem for our return trip by purchasing a pocket trail guide from RMNP. It gives detailed descriptions of the trails, the campsites (by permit, I recall) along the trails, and elevation changes, the latter being very important. Surely such a guidebook is available nowadays.

    I can't offer much help in terms of trail conditions in June, but the obvious is "anything can happen" at elevation in June. You may see anything between warm sunny days, to thunderstorms, to a snow squall. Watch the forecasts carefully and be ready for anything, including dropping back to punt if it appears seriously bad weather will affect you.

    Hope this helps at least a little.


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    You might still be kicking open snowdrifts on the trails in June (early June for sure). And plan for afternoon thunderstorms because of all the moisture available.

    Probably not a big deal if you're not going really far or deep into the park. Just carry gaiters, rain gear and get down into the trees by noon.

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    Default 'Quiet' hours in NP's.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Morraine park and Glacier basin campgrounds are ideally located for getting around the park and for hiking opportunity's around Bear lake Rd. Both have RV's on site but with all NP campgrounds there are 'quiet' time restrictions stopping the use of generators through the night. When we were there [in an RV] everyone adhered to the rules and most stopped and started their generators much before and after those restrictions. You can also view the campgrounds, and campground maps here. In the case of Morraine park [not sure about others] the map shows you where the tent sites are located in respect to the RV's and you can pre-book a particular site away from any cluster's of RV's if you wanted.

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    Foy - What a great honeymoon (aside from the elevation sickness, that is!). And thank you for the tip on the trail guide. I'll hunt down one of those. It sounds invaluable.

    NoFan - Thanks for the info on the trails!

    Dave - Ah...somehow I missed the campground maps! Thank you. The majority of the RVers we camped next to last summer were very friendly and followed the rules about generators. We only ran into the not-so-considerate ones a couple of times.

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