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    Default 1st Road Trip With Kids (Ohio - Cali)

    My family and I plan on taking a road trip from ohio to california this sept , we have two weeks! This will be our first road trip as a family with a 4 year old and a 14 month old. We plan to go to yosimite national park, la brea tar pits, Disneyland, ocean and if we have time seaworld???

    Any tips or thoughts?

    Thanks Nicky

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    While 2 weeks does sound like a lot, keep in mind, it is almost a 2500 mile drive each way, so you're looking at needing at least 9-10 of your days on the road just to cover the miles before any significant stops for sightseeing. You can still enjoy your trip and have a few days in Cali, but it isn't going to leave a ton of time. If you can extend out the weekends to get a little more time that would help too.

    If it is me, I'm holding off on Disney. Certainly the 14 month old won't get anything out of it, but even at 4 that's pretty young to really get any lasting joy out of it. That's not to say you wouldn't have a good time, nor is it to say you can't have a great time in California and on a roadtrip, but personally, with the price of Disney admission at about $75 a day, I'd think about if it is really worth it right now.

    Otherwise, this site is filled with tips and thoughts. Spend a little time looking around, and if you have some more specific questions, ask away!

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    Default Agreed

    That is a ton of driving for not much payoff. As Michael correctly points out, your kids will not get nearly as much out of this as you think, and spending 8 or 9 hard days on the road for a few days of beach and amusement park time does not give much bang for the buck. I have had the best times with my own two young grandsons on RoadTrips where the final destination was no more than a day from home. That's enough car time to convince them that they're going someplace 'exotic' but still leaves most of our time for actually having adventures at various places - trips like this one. So, my biggest bit of advice is to stay relatively close to home while taking them someplace completely different. Some general destinations that are within a day or so of Columbus include the Great Smoky Mountains; Washington, DC and the Delmarva Peninsula; Niagara Falls, Toronto and the Thousand Islands area; the Upper Mississippi; and a host of others not much farther away. Spend your time having fun with the kids, not slogging down the highway.


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    If you only have 2 weeks and really do want to see a lot of the west coast, I'd advise that you fly to LA and rent a car. 2 weeks would make for plenty of time to see stuff in and near LA, and take a "loop" trip out to other attractions.

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