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  1. Default road trip from las vegas to san francisco

    Planning holiday to Vegas in april for 7 days then on to San Fran for 7 days thinking of driving and taking 2 days for trip, any advise on route, points of interest or places to stay would be great.

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    You've hit upon the single most discussed trip on these forums. Rather than try to repeat everything that's been said about it, ,et me just point you to some previous discussions.


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    Default Around the mountains.

    With just 2 days for the journey and the Tioga pass across the Sierra Nevada still closed when you travel, you will have to go North to Lake Tahoe or South via Bakersfield. If you went South you could towards the coast and drive North around Big Sur on CA 1 to SF, or keep inland and visit Sequoia or Yosemite NP. Death valley is an option if you haven't taken a day trip there from Vegas. You could take your time driving through, find somewhere to stay on the other side of the park [North or South] and finish your journey next day. Two days doesn't give you much 'wiggle' room as the drive to SF is a full day's drive.

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