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  1. Default Does this mini road trip - SF Bay Area to Zion; Bryce and CG in 7 days - make sense?

    Thrilled to see this forum! Wish I’d found it before spending WAY-Too-Many hours reinventing the wheel. :) I anxiously await any suggestions.

    After numerous shorter trips (< 400 miles), I’m ready to take the mini camper on a longer road trip. Here’s my plan and the few questions on my mind.

    Mon May 30 – Drive San Jose to Barstow area. Expecting about 7 hours towing the Teardrop. Overnight at Calico Ghost Town campground.

    Tues May 31 – Drive Barstow to Zion NP. Expecting about 6 hours towing the Teardrop. Booked campsite for May 31 AND June 1.
    Question: should we stay 2 nights at Zion NP or move up to Bryce Canyon for next night? What Zion/ BC sites should NOT be missed?
    Question: if we stay 2 nights at Zion - is a DAY trip to Bryce do-able/worthwhile/necessary?

    Wed Jun 1 – Stay second night at Zion OR move up to Bryce Canyon NP. Campsite booked at Bryce too.

    Thur Jun 2 – Drive Zion or Bryce to Grand Canyon North Rim. Expecting about 4 hours towing the Teardrop. Campsite booked for Jun 2 and Jun 3.
    Question: What GC sites should NOT be missed?
    Question: Mule trip down and back? (we may not be fit enough for the hike)

    Fri Jun 3 – explore Grand Canyon

    Sat Jun 4 – start for home
    Question: we think CG to Barstow is too far for one day. Is there a good camping stop-over near Las Vegas? Hoover Dam area?

    Sun Jun 5 – home to San Jose

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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    The trip from Bryce to Zion is doable in one day (it's roughly three hours, if I recall correctly.) Yes, it is worthwhile. Necessary? That's your call; necessity on a road trip can be a very subjective thing.

    As far as what sites to see in any of the parks you've mentioned - most of the highlights are viewable from the scenic overlooks. The North Rim is quite a bit different from the South Rim given the elevation difference between the two. As far as a mule trip - it depends on how long the trip is and if you think you'd be comfortable on a mule for that length of time.

    I'm coming up with roughly 8 hours from the North Rim to Barstow.

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    Thanks Mass Tim!

    I was wondering about waking up in Zion - then driving to Bryce just for the day then driving back to sleep at Zion again. 3 hours each way is a big chunk of lost sightseeing time. Seems like I might go ahead and omit the Bryce leg in order to maximize seeing Zion and GC. Sigh. So close and yet so far :)

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    Default The difference a day makes.

    If you decide to head on to Bryce I would leave Zion after lunch and make your way there for the night. Bryce is a fascinating place but having spent a lot of the day on the 31st getting to Zion you might just want to enjoy your time there. Plenty of easy walks like the Riverside trail, Emerald pools, Weeping rock and so on. At each park you will get leaflets from the entry kiosks and there is always a friendly Ranger to hand who are always willing to share their personal recommendations. If the Tioga pass is open, you could consider cutting across to Tonopah and through Yosemite for a change of scenery on the way home.

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    Thanks Dave - I appreciate your thoughts. The photos I've seen of Zion really do entice me to stay on there. That's probably what I'll do.

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