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  1. Default road trip from boston to niagara and back

    Hi we are flying to Boston from England at the end of April. We have 6 days and want to see Boston and Toronto/Niagara - is that enough time to do it by road?
    if so what is the best round trip route?
    I've heard about the finger lakes where are they relative to Boston & Niagara?
    Should we book our on route accomodation or should it be easy to find hotels along the route?

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    Yes, 6 days is enough for that if you do not spend too much time in any one place. It's very possible to drive from Boston to Niagara Falls in 1 day. However, if you want to see the Finger Lakes, take 2 days. The fastest route from Boston to Niagara Falls is I-90 all the way. Look at your map, the Finger Lakes are south of I-90 between Syracuse and Rochester.

    From Niagara Falls, it's about 2 hours to Toronto. From there, you have a few choices. You can retrace your steps. Or, you can take 401 east and cross back into the US at Watertown and take I-81 back to I-90. Another option, time permitting, is take 401 all the way to Montreal then I-89 and I-93 back to Boston. This would be a 2 day drive - spending a night in Montreal.

    If you plan on taking a US rental car to Canada, make sure you have permission from the rental agency. Some companies allow it, some don't. Also, make sure you have what you need from an immigration standpoint to enter Canada then re-enter the US.

  3. Default thank you

    thank you for your help - I particularly like the sound of the journey back via Monreal.

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