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  1. Default First Road Trip! VA to South Dakota

    Hi all!

    I'm trying to plan my first road trip from Virginia to South Dakota to see Mt Rushmore. I plan to go in early April and have alloted a week for the trip. Because this is my first time planning a major trip I would be grateful for any help, advice that anyone can offer.

    Along the way I would like to make a few stops to see popular attractions and landmarks such as:

    16th Street Bridge
    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
    Circus World

    If anyone could help or offer any tips for good dining or places that I should see along the way I would appreciate it.


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    Is this a week one way or for a round trip? If it's for a round trip, you won't have time to do anything but drive to Mount Rushmore and back. It's over 1700 miles from Richmond to Rapid City via shortest/fastest Interstate routes. That is at least 3 full days on the road.

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    I'd suggest Tony Packo's hot dogs in Toledo, Ohio, and a tour of Notre Dame's campus in South Bend, Indiana.

    Also, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, is a great lake resort town.

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    Is The Mt. Rushmore park even open in April?

    If your going to Toledo, Ohio, you could stop at Dayton Ohio and see the Air
    Force Museum. If you like airplanes they have them from WWI though today including the SR71

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    Mount Rushmore is open 364 days a year. Winter hours are shorter.

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