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    Default Round trip from New York beginning in August - which way is best for weather?

    Hi again, well having enjoyed our 2008 trip so much, when we drove up the west coast and then across on the northern route, we're now planning a 9-week trip to visit the South-eastern part of the country.We arrive in New York on 25 August, and return there on 24 October. My real question is, how hot will it be in states llike Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi? Should we head off down the east coast to start with, then go inland on the return journey - and is the weather in Florida just too humid at that time of year? Any guidance gratefully received! Thanks!

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    Default Hot and Humid with an 80% Chance of Muggy

    I checked average temperatures and rainfall (as a proxy for humidity) for some representative inland temperatures for a few of the states you mention. Inland readings will mitigate some of the effects of being near the coast, and remember these are average high temps and rainfalls. What you would actually encounter will vary somewhat.

    Florida: 92°, 6"
    Georgia: 88°, 4"
    Alabama 90°, 3½":
    Mississippi: 80°, 3½""


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    Default Late Summer/early Autumn in the South

    Hello Pattik,

    With the exception of FL, which I consider a whole region of its own, the rather large area of GA, AL, and MS should provide some variation in temperatures based on distance from the Atlantic or Gulf Coast and based on elevation. In the most general sense, proximity to the Atlantic Ocean coast tends to mitigate temperatures slightly. Proximity to the Gulf Coast, less so, as it generally reaches seasonal high water temps in August, so winds off of the water bring only high 80s and more humidity.

    Inland, the hilly parts of northern AL and the Blue Ridge Mountains in northeast GA provide some and lots of respite from the heat, respectively. You'll be in "jacket weather" by late September/early October in the Blue Ridge of GA, and by the second week of Oct, there should be some decent autumn colors on display. If you were to plan part of your return trip to NYC to include some of the Blue Ridge Parkway (BRP) in NC or VA, you'd be traveling that corridor at the very peak of the colors. Caveat: weekend travel in October on the BRP can be tedious, and advance bookings on weekends would seem mandatory.

    Enjoy your Tour of the Southeast!


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    With the exception of very crazy weather, eg very hot or very cool for that time of year, the version you take will be similar, imo. As noted above, it will tend to be very warm in the 'southern states', daytime at least, for the first part of your trip. The extreme coast will offer some good times, especially post Labor Day weekend, as the shore crowds will have gone 'home'.

    Inland, as in way inland, altitude is your friend: elevations above 3500 ft and higher, esp. 4500-6000 ft in the Smokey Mtns of far western NC, are fabulous in late Aug into late October. (I live at 5,000 ft in far western NC and know the area well.)

    'Color' is very different and more subtle than New England/up state NY, as even in the 5,000 ft + elevations of NC, the color is never as dramatic.

    FL is very hot until ~mid October, imo...(we winter here).

    I would avoid the interstates unless you need a day to cover some ground, as there are literally hundreds of fabulous 2 lane blacktop roads, wandering all through your intended route.
    Google and this site can point you toward some fabulous easy going roads and sites.

    If you need or want some great links for NC, respond or DM me...
    GL, mD

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