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    Default From Washington to Arizona, Anaheim in between.

    My mom had to travel to Anaheim for a work thing, so she decided to make it a family road trip. I just don’t want to “drive” down there so I want to see as many attractions as I can. Since we’re going to Disneyland, I don’t really need to visit amusement attractions unless there’s really cool mini ones like the “mystical house” I know is in Montana, stuff like that. But in the end I love the natural beauty of the land and historical museums and historical sites, and since I got an awesome camera I would love to capture all that beauty.
    If I can plan an amazing trip down to Anaheim, then to Phoenix Arizona and back up to Washington, maybe they would go along with it.

    Huge point, I must see the Grand Canyon if it’s not to far off and the red woods. That would be awesome.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There are lots and lots of options, and time is your big variable.

    One obvious thing you could do is to follow the coast all the way down through California, head over to Phoenix, and then go back home past the Grand Canyon, and the many parks in Utah like Zion and Bryce.

    You could also enjoy all of the great inland places along the west coast, like Crater Lake, Yosemite, and Sequoia (to name a few).

    The answer is going to come in the way of what looks most interesting to you, and how much of that you actually have time for.

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