Hi all,

I am planning a West coast to East Coast road trip beginning in California in July of this year (2011). I can allocate 15 - 20 days for this trip. I will be travelling with my 10 year old son. Following few things I have in mind, some I have to give a serious thought:

--> Vehicle: Use own car (Toyota Prius - great mileage /Honda Odyssey - enough room and luxurious) OR Rent a car (?)
--> Companions: Definetly need travel buddies who can drive, preferably single parent with children or both parents with kid(s). Must be willing to share the cost of rental/gas/campsite etc.
--> Stay: To cut cost I would like to camp out, low end motels sometimes when camping is not an option.
--> Recreation: visit National parks mostly.
--> Food: Fast food and prepackaged if staying in hotel/motel.