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  1. Default roadtrip orlando-dc, via nola, memphis & nashville, in rental car-suggestions please

    We are a family of 4 Brits (including 2 teens). Having done an RV trip in the west (Las Vegas, SF, Grand Canyon etc) we wanted to do a similar trip in the east/south but discovered it was much cheaper to book hotels with microwave/fridge each night than to rent the rv, pay extra for gas and site fees every night. This is all arranged now, we have a villa in orlando for a week, then one night at panama city beach (to dip our toes in the the warm waters of the gulf), 3 nights in New Orleans, a long drive to a 3 night stay in memphis, 2 nights in Nashville, then a dash back to Washington with one night in Gatlinburg with a look at the Smoky mountains, and one night in Dublin Virginia.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for things to do on our route? Or good reasonably priced lunchtime stops between destinations? Thanks.

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    I'd say you have a nicely paced, very enjoyable RoadTrip ahead of you. Since it seems that what you'll really be doing is visiting the cities you mention, i won't bog you down with recommendations for sites along the way that you won't really have time for anyway, but you should be on the lookout for easy to get to sites for breaks from the road such as these. As far as good places to eat, they are everywhere. Unfortunately, we really can't get specific for just that reason - so many of them and so few of us - but I find that I do best by just getting off the Interstate and heading into a small town (say with about 5,000 inhabitants) and just looking for a well maintained, popular local restaurant. Unlike the chain places out on the highway which will never see most of their clientele a second time, these smaller local places rely on pleasing their friends and neighbors and generating repeat business. If all else fails, ask the locals where they like to eat for a particular taste of their 'regional cuisine'


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