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    24 years old and I just graduated, never really had the oppertunity to go to Europe like I would have when I was a tad younger, deciding on traveling across country from New York to the Pacific Northwest. Being a History major in college there are several historic site's that I would like to see along my way, noting that my favorite time period was western settlement/manifest destiny. Not sue how to end this, but does anyone have any good clues of how to travel.

    -First Time posting

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There's hardly just one answer to "how to travel." There are a million ways, and they all depend upon your own style and your own interests. If you want a starting point for a plan, some of the basics you'll need to figure out are the who/what/when/where/why type things like how much time/money do you have, what will be your transportation, who (if anyone) will you be traveling with, where do you want to stop/see/explore, etc.

    Those will establish the basics, and of course this site is filled with things to help you come up with some of those answers in more detail. As you find questions in your own planning, we'll be glad to help.

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    I am trying to plan this trip during the summer, early July to mid-August. I would travel rt 80-rt91 probably to Seattle, then take Rt.5 down to Oregon. I am just thinking of historical stops along the way, maybe even tryng to pick up an odd job or two being I work at an elementary school and have summers off. I would try to keep the trip hovering around $5,000. Stops in Ohio,South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana are definite musts along my way.

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    Default Westward Ho

    I've only recently come to share your fascination with the early pioneer push westward, but certainly the general route you've chosen will expose you to a large number of sites associated with that movement. If this is to be a round trip, then I would strongly suggest that you follow the Lewis and Clark route (one of them anyway) one way and the Oregon Trail the other. In addition, once you settle on a basic route, there are several sites and museums along the way devoted to other aspects of the westward movement including Pony Express stations; cavalry forts; Indian museums, cultural centers, and parks; national parks, monuments, and historic sites, and mountain man rendezvous - just to name a few.


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    Default How about a "3-fer"?

    Hello mmandell,

    Over a 2-day period it would be easy to visit 3 sites of historical significance in southwest Montana: Lemhi Pass, Bannack, and the Big Hole National Battlefield.

    Lemhi Pass is where Lewis and Clark first reached the continental divide in 1805. Hoping they'd see a easy downriver run to the Pacific, their hopes were dashed upon cresting the summit ridgeline. Approaching the ridge on the same trail (now a gravel road entirely drivable in a conventional automobile) one gets goosebumps at the top. There are a pair of nice visitor pull-outs at the summit.

    Bannack was the first capital of Montana Territory when it was split off from Idaho Territory in 1864. Today it's a very well preserved ghost town and a unit of the Montana State Parks system.

    The Big Hole National Battlefield preserves the site of the 1877 battle between the Chief Joseph's Nez Perce and the US Cavalry as the Nez Perce were attempting flight to Canada rather than being confined to a small reservation in Idaho. It is one of the more sobering sites I've personally visited, close in that sense to the Museum of the Plains Indian, at Browning, MT, on the east side of Glacier NP.

    From Bannack, one can reach Lemhi Pass within an hour, and in the other direction, across the Big Hole valley, the Battlefield is around an hour from Bannack.

    This would involve visiting some places few Americans take the time to see, and the surrounding countryside is breathtaking.


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