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  1. Default 10 days Las Vegas to San Fran via Grand Canyon

    Firstly, thankyou for this gr8 site and to all the helpfull, and patient, posters. I may have read too many posts because I am now quite confused. In September 2011 my hubby & I (Aussie's) arrive in Las Vegas for our daughters wedding and then would like to do a road trip to the Grand Canyon Monument Valley, Death Valley & finish in San Fran. We have around 10 days. We are very keen on national parks, wildlife & scenery with a little hiking. The photos we have seen are amazing and we are very excitied to see some of these amazing sites in person. All advice gratefully received!

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    Default One way.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I take it 10 day's is available for the road trip only ? If so you can make it a reasonably relaxed affair and if you like to keep busy, add 2 more great National parks. From Vegas I would start by heading to the furthest point East, in this case Monument valley. To get there you can head North on I 15 through St George and East on Highway 9 through Hurricane. This is where you could pick up a 'bonus park' and enter Zion NP on UT 9 and then continue through the Mount Carmel tunnel to US 89 through Kanab to Page where you take 98/160/163 to Monument valley. Next up is back to 160 to 89 and enter the Grand canyon on 64 through the East kiosk and along Desert view drive to the village area, stopping at the great view points along the way. To get to this point you really need a couple of nights/3 days. Spend next day exploring GC and then start heading to I 40 and perhaps Williams for the night. From Williams it would be possible to drive to Furnace creek in Death valley for the night via the Hoover dam, around the Southern edge of Vegas, through Pahrump on 160 and follow Bell Vista/Ash Meadows/State line Rd to Death valley junction and 190. OK we are at least half way through so explore DV while heading West on 190/136 to Lone Pine and North on 395 where you could stop in the Bishop/Mammoth area. Day 7 you pick up 'bonus 2' as you head into one of the most wonderful scenic areas I have seen, Yosemite NP. The drive along Tioga pass [CA120] is amazing. Explore other areas of the park next morning and head to SF where you have a little time to catch breath and reflect on your journey.

    Of course that's just one option, but you can play around with it to suit your own personal style/pace of travel but, for National parks, scenery and wild life you couldn't be in a more perfect area. If you are confused about any aspects of your trip in particular then just ask.

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    Thanks heaps SWD. I have mapped your itinery and it looks gr8.
    So far I have the following
    day 1 LV to Zion Nat Pk
    day 2 Monument Valley
    day 3 Grand canyon
    day 4 Grand canyon
    day 5 Somewhere near Hoover dam or maybe through to Furnace Creek ? suggestions welcome
    day 6 Death Valley
    day 7 Mammouth Lakes
    day 8 Yosemite
    day 9 Yosemite
    day 10 San Fran

    again, any input or suggestions are very welcome. Thanks :-)

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    If this helps, travel times are:

    LV-Zion: 3 hours
    Zion-MV: 6 hours
    GC-Hoover Dam: 5 hours
    GC-Furnace Creek: 8 hours
    DV-Mammoth: 4 hours
    Mammoth-Yosemite Village: 3 hours
    Yosemite-SF: 4 hours

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    Thanks that is a big help. It seems that the trip from Zion to Monument Valley is a longer drive that we anticipated. :-)

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