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    Default Florida to Oregon in FEB...the long way. Need advice!!


    My friend and I have decided to move to oregon. Me being born and raised in brevard county florida and never seeing snow has me a little "excited" for the trip...! we both are young have only drove to atlanta. We really love to travel tho, so we've decited to hug the gulf to austin, then shoot to sante fe, up to taso and west to sedona. The grand canyon is a must of course, but heres where it gets funny. going SOUTH west to LA, at least 5 hours out of the way (not my idea but i'm going with it). And from LA up to the coast to san fran and the redwoods. up to corvallis. So not the direct route at all. We bothe have been working straight for months and want to have $3000 each for the move.We're Planning on being on the road for 2 weeks.we are taking a mini van loaded with the things we've decided to keep... I wanted to sleep in the van, but that looks like its out. Cheap hotels is a MUST! so advice on where to stay would be great! I need advice with it all! Just tell me anything your thinking!! And thank you!

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    Default Anything specific ?

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Usually the cheaper Motels can be found just off Interstate rather than in City centres or National parks, but I would say your budget is comfortable enough to cope with the odd treat or two. You really need to work out what time you are hoping to have where, and then work on rough overnight stop estimates. With your overall plan it could be driven in 7/8 days so you have time to work with, but equally you could easily spend a week from LA up the coastand not have much time to 'hang out'. To find lodgings and an idea of the costs you can click on the 'Travel' link in the tool bar above and/or visit sites like 'Tripadvisor'. Don't plan on trying to cover much more than 500 miles a day in a loaded van and for those days don't expect to do any sight seeing other than having a wander where you stop for the night.

    Have a good look around RTA where you will find Lot's of useful thread, road trip planning pages and the Map centre where you can 'play' with routes and find additional attractions along the way. When you have done so and you have any specific questions you would like to ask, don't hesitate.

    Enjoy the planning !

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    I am from Oregon and am actually planning a road trip to Florida (and beyond) next month! Weird how that works sometimes! I am taking almost the exact route (opposite way of course). I will be staying with friends along the way most of the time but for places where I don't have friends, I am going to CouchSurf. If you haven't heard of it, it is basically an online community of millions of people around the world who share there homes to travelers for free. It is completely safe since they have a profile and other people who have stayed with them post comments and what not about the experience. It is also a good way to meet new people! I did it in Europe and had a blast! Met so many awesome people who I still keep in contact with after almost 3 years! Anyway, you should at least check it out,

    I have lived in Oregon my whole life and I can tell you, it is an awesome place, you will love it here! Coast to the west, mountains to the northeast, summer activities are endless. Portland is a cool city as well. Will you be settling in Corvallis? I went to college there and it is a pretty cool town. I don't know if I would want to live there though, but it was fun in college! Happy travels and maybe I will see you out on the road at some point!

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