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  1. Default Redneck roadtrip

    Not trying to be offensive.. I'm planning a last minute roadtrip. I wanna immerse myself in those that are redneck/country.
    I'm a huge country fan and all I wanna do is travel and find dive bars, rodeos, cowboys. I wanna wear my boots n cowboy hat.. And sing/dance terribly to my favorite country songs.


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    Default Wild Guess

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Well, not knowing where you're comi9ng from, how much time you have, or anything else about this proposed RoadTrip, it's tough to give you any meaningful advice. But my own experiences with truly honky tonk bars have all been in Texas, and that's probably where I'd direct you if that's feasible. Any small town on a Friday or Saturday night will do.


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    There are no time limitations, basically no restrictions... coming from NY.

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    Default Rodeo season?

    Hello crispi,

    Sounds like my kind of vacation. I'd be careful about tossing around the term redneck, however. It's one of those terms we in the South have no compunction about applying to one another, but coming from outside of the South and the West, well, that's a different story.

    Rodeo season, I believe, is primarily a summer/early fall thing. On my last RoadTrip across the midwest and west, I took a cursory look at some local rodeo circuit schedules for towns I planned to pass by or through. If I were to plan a rodeo, honky-tonk vacation, I'd start with regional, state, and local rodeo circuits' websites to get a feel for the season and the distribution of venues. If I am correct about summertime being the season, I'd probably favor the upper Plains states (Nebraska, the Dakotas, Montana, and Wyoming) simply due to the weather being unbearably hot in Texas, Oklahoma, N Mex, and elsewhere in the Southwest at that time of year.

    I'd give a long, close look at Nebraska, to begin with, where the annual "Nebraska's Big Rodeo" in Burwell is a tempting target. The NBR thing looks like the Real Deal from their website, and I wanted to go in 2010 but missed it by a week. Burwell is in the Nebraska Sandhills. While it ain't at the end of the world, if you stand up on a fencepost, I reckon you can see it from Burwell.

    I rather suspect summertime State Fair events in the Plains states include rodeo, as well, and that's another tempting target for a trip such as you contemplate.

    Have fun planning and taking your RoadTrip!


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    I remember going to a rodeo about 25 years ago in Harrison NE. I would consider this to be the "real West". It was at an arena outside town that you had to take a dirt road to get to. Parking was free, admission was something like 3 bucks, and we sat in metal bleachers. It was very non-commercial. After the rodeo, we hit a bar in town that was very much like what you are looking for. Do NOT expect this to be anything like what you would see on TV.

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    Default The Real Deal in Northwest Nebraska

    Wow, Harrison, NE is around 20 miles of Crawford and Fort Robinson, and Crawford ain't exactly a metropolis. Up there in the headwater breaks of the White River and the Niobrara, where Harrison is, I suppose you DID see a real rodeo.

    Reminds me: I need to start looking at local rodeo calendars for the Summer 2011 RoadTrip to Montana and Idaho. I passed through Broadus, MT several hours before a Friday night rodeo was set to begin last year and I hated that I couldn't stay.

    crispi: A re-read of your post indicates you may be looking for a RoadTrip in the immediate future--the dead of winter. I haven't much of an idea where you'd find local rodeos now except for way, way south, like south Texas. Hope you find what you're looking for this season.


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    Thank you guys!

    Yes I am planning it for hopefully next month. I suppose I could wait until spring but I am getting restless!

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    Default Calving season

    From what little I know about the cattleman's season, I think February is the primary calving season. That, in turn, might mean little opportunity for rodeo, regardless of the latitude, and the local bars might be a bit dead, as calving involves repeated all-nighters on the ranch.

    Good luck!



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