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    I'm considering renting an RV, to travel up to the dakotas(Mt. Rushmore, Deadwood, etc.) I'll probably be leaving from Oklahoma City, if I can rent from there, probably this summer sometime. I just have a few questions before I get too deep into this. First off, has anyone ever rented from American Dream Vacations( If not this company, do ya'll know anywhere else around OKC, that rents RV's? Also, what is the most scenic byway, leading up thru the dakotas?

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    Default High Plains Driftin'

    Hello hippyman,

    I know zilch about renting RVs in OKC or elsewhere, but I know a few things about the terrain between you and the Black Hills and just to the north of there in ND.

    By angling northwest from OKC you can get on US 83 and take it all the way across the Panhandle, KS, and NE into SD, coming out around 50 miles east of the Badlands. US 83 is often called "the road to nowhere" as it passes through but few cities between Laredo, TX and the Canadian border north of Minot, ND, so it must surely qualify as a byway. Along the way you'll cut directly through a hidden gem--the Nebraska Sandhills, + 20,000 square miles of grass-stabilized sand dunes up to 300' tall. There are a smattering of small state parks and two units of the Nebraska National Forest either right on or close to US 83 in the Sandhills. You break out of the "chop-hills" just north of Valentine, NE, and cross the White River canyon country and a large Reservation enroute to I-90 at Murdo, SD. There is canoeing on the Niobrara River at Valentine, and both canoeing and "tanking" on the Dismal River south of there (tanking involves a lazy drift down the river in a large galvanized stock tank).

    On the return trip you can go through Hot Springs, SD to Chadron, NE, and from there to Crawford, NE and the very neat Fort Robinson State Park (originally a US Army post in butte and canyon country). Down NE-2/71 to Alliance brings you by "Carhenge". You're also not far from Sidney, NE, home of Cabela's and their HUGE home headquarters store right on I-80.

    There's a +50 mile bicycle trail converted from a railroad line w/ the southern end at Edgemnont, SD if you like that kind of thing.

    While you're up that way, if you want to go to North Dakota, I'd suggest the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, centered at Medora, ND. Medora is a neat little town and the badlands along the ND-MT border between there and Marmarth, ND are remote and beautiful (and the roads completely impassible when wet). You might become one of the only OKC residents to ever visit the "Burning Coal Vein" south of Medora, or Pretty Butte, where TR shot his first bison. Dinosaur fossil excavation centered around Marmarth draws many visitors for the opportunity to see a dig and in some cases participate in one.

    Have fun planning and taking your RV RoadTrip!


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    Default Compare what's available.

    I have not used that RV company but I would 'price compare' just by putting 'Oklahoma RV rental' into your search engine and going through the results. I'm pretty sure 'Cruise America' have an office in Oky who are one of the big Nationals, but that doesn't mean they are necessarily the best value. Make sure you account for extras such as extra mileage charges, preparation fees, Ins waiver etc when comparing. Renting an RV is an expensive option if it's just the 2 of you travelling, but with your other threads relating to types of vehicle you are considering, I presume that means you have not been able to find your ideal vehicle yet.

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