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  1. Default San Jose , CA - Death Valley- Vegas- Zion NP- Bryce Canyon-Vegas-San Jose.


    We are thinking of a road trip to the above places. Got about 4 1/2 days at hand.
    Am interested in knowing how long Death valley would take to cover?
    Was wondering if Zion and Bryce can be covered in a days time?


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    Default covered?

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    "Takes to cover" is a bit like asking how big is the sky, that completely depends upon what you are hoping to get out of them. Death Valley is a place that you could drive through in a couple of hours, or you could spend a couple of days seeing all the viewpoints sites around the park (and still not get to everything).

    I'd say if you want to see any of Zion and Bryce, other than just driving through, then no, you need more than a day. Its a couple hours of driving to get between the 2 parks, and also keep in mind, when you get to Bryce, you'll be a good 5+ hours away from Vegas. Probably the best you could do here would be to start early from Vegas, see Zion, and then spend the night near Bryce. See Bryce the next morning, and drive back to Vegas in the afternoon. That's going to give you about a half day at each park

  3. Default San Jose, CA, Zion, Bryce, Grand Canyon, San Jose


    We have 8 days in april and are thinking of driving from san jose to zion, bryce, grand canyon..Has anybody done this before? Any tips on route? Is this feasible do we have enough time or should we skip one?
    Really appreciate any feedback...Also any tips for lodging, we like the more cozy, cabins style rather than big hotels:-)


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    Default Doable.

    Hello Eva, Welcome to RTA !

    You certainly have enough time to make the trip and have some time to enjoy the NP's. The mountain passes will be closed in April due to winter snow accumulation so you will have to go around the Sierra's to the North or to the South, or both to create a loop. From San Jose it will take a couple of days to get to Zion, with time to do a little sight seeing along the way if you wanted, Sequoia NP, Death Valley, Vegas are a few of the examples. I would recommend a couple of nights in Zion and then head for Bryce in the afternoon of day 2 in Zion via the Mount Carmel tunnel on UT9/US89/UT12. You can then head back to 89 and head South towards Grand canyon South rim via the East entrance along Desert view drive [64] just past Cameron, and the popular Cameron Trading post. From GC head to I 40 and start to make your way home, perhaps a detour into Mojave National Preserve ? As I mentioned you also have the option of going around the top of the Sierra's one way via Lake Tahoe, so I would look around and decide what you want to see along the way and then we can help with the 'finer detail'.

    You will find Lot's of info searching the forums and by scrolling to the bottom of this page you will find 'Similar threads' that will help with your planning.

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