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    Hello. I live in Southern California and am planning a trip up the coast - north of San Francisco. Been up the coast lots of times south of SF so I plan to concentrate on north. Day 1 will be focused on just getting to northern CA probably spending the first night in Mill Valley.From there I want to cruize Hwy 1 all the way up.
    Does anyone have suggestions for 1) how long the actual drive is? 2) attractions? 3) recommended places to spend the night?


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    It's 385 miles from Mill Valley to Crescent City via CA-1 to Leggett, then US-101. I would guess that this is about a 12 hour drive, a bit more than I'd like to do in 1 day. The halfway point would probably be around Mendocino or Fort Bragg. A couple attractions would be the Point Arena lighthouse and the Avenue of the Giants.

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