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  1. Default Honeymoon west-coast jul-aug 2011

    hi there!

    i'm quiet new on this forum, so have to find out a lot of things :)
    below you see our planned honeymoon for 3 weeks. we start at the begin of july.
    we have some "standard" things 2 view, like Alcatraz, Skywalk & helicopter-flight. But we're looking for some other places to visit/view. we're driving with a mustang convertable :D
    All tips and advices are welcome. The hotels are already booked, so we can't change that.

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    A few things -

    You aren't going anywhere near the Skywalk. It's on Indian reservation land, not in the national park. It frankly isn't worth it - you have to take an unpaved road to get there, which will not be allowed in a rental car. It's also quite expensive. On the way from Bryce Canyon to LV, you should drive through Zion instead of taking 14. From DV to Yosemite, you should take 395 and 120 over Tioga Pass instead of going through Bakersfield. It's too bad you are trying to go from SF to Santa Barbara in only one day, you won't have time to take CA-1 down the coast.

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    ok thnx. i adjust the route. the route we had planned now, was just from the routeplanner-program, so nothing special.
    i also read something about Glacier Point. Can you reach it by car or is it i hike-route?

    for the CA-1... i think we take the coastway to Watsonville and then the 101 downsouth.
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    I'm sorry, but I don't see any difference in the 2 maps.

    You will be missing the best part of the coast if you take 101 from Watsonville. The best part is CA-1 from Carmel to San Luis Obispo - through Big Sur.

    There is a road to Glacier Point. From the parking lot it's a short 10 minute hike to the point.

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    Default An itinerary.

    I think it would help if you just posted your itinerary up with a rough time line and then we can make suggestions and help to fill in the blanks. Yosemite, Sequoia, Grand canyon, Bryce canyon, Zion, Death valley are just a few of the National parks you could visit along with the likes of Monument valley and Mojave preserve thrown in to the mix.

    You will find a lot of info by looking around the site on this very popular area to help you with your planning so look around and make a few notes and post up what you have.

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    sorry, i posted the wrong map. already fixed :)
    now i'll add the during of the places...update coming up :)

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    in this version i've added the during at the left screen..

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    I'm sorry, but the maps you are providing simply do not do a good job of sharing what you hope to do. It's just too small of a scale for people to get any more than an extremely rough guess at your overall plan.

    I strongly suggest you follow Dave's earlier suggestion that you type out a rough itinerary if you want people to be able to provide you some useful advice.

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    so..i´m back. had a couple of very busy weeks :)

    the timeline:
    LA - 2 days
    San Diego - 2 days
    Palm Springs - 1 day
    Scottsdale - 1 day
    Grand Canyon - 3 days
    Page - 1 day
    Bryce Canyon - 1 day
    Las Vegas - 2 days
    Death Valley - 1 day
    Oakhurst - 1 day
    Lake Tahoe - 1 day
    SF - 2 days
    Santa barbara - 2 days
    Hollywood - 2 days

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    Your current plan really isn't going to give you any time in Yosemite. You'll be driving through the park, but Tioga Pass is a slow mountain road that takes some time, and means you'll need to be on the road pretty much all day to get all the way out to Oakhurst. You won't have any time to see and explore the valley or Glacier Point. I'd really recommend another day here, and if you can afford it, I'd try to stay right in the Valley.

    I'd probably just skip Tahoe, as again, you'd have a long day of driving to get there, which means you'd have to cross over the Sierras again, and then a 3rd time to go to SF.

    Also along the coast, it will be a very long day trying to get from SF to Santa Barbara and will force you to pretty much race through the most scenic section of the Pacific Coast Highway. Instead of spending two days in SB, I'd spend one night farther north around Cambria.

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