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  1. Default Traveling to Seattle, WA from Chicago, IL

    My buddy and I are taking a road trip from Chicago to Seattle and are looking to see some fun and crazy things on our way. We only have about 6 days, so there is not a lot of extra time on our hands, which is why we are looking for suggestions. Please let us know the best route and the top things to see. We leave in a week in a half so please get us suggestions quickly!!

    Thank you to all!!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You really haven't given us much to go on. There is no generic "best" route - and "fun and crazy" doesn't really say much about what you might want to do as we have no idea what that means for you.

    What have you come up with ideas for yourself so far, and what types of things are you hoping to do? Without that, we're really just throwing darts in the dark.

    With 6 days I'm assuming this is a one way trip? You need a solid 4 days on the road, so that does leave some time to explore things along the way. It however, is not enough time to safely drive there and back.

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