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  1. Default Road trip from Charlotte, NC to Breckenridge, Colorado, early March

    My son and I will be driving from Charlotte to Breckenridge with the families snow gear. Our plan is to leave Thursday and arrive Saturday and to share the driving. My question is, the journey is 1640 miles, how far can we realistically/safely drive each day and with our route taking us through Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas and Colorado what towns or cities are we best stopping over night?
    P.s we are from the UK living in Charlotte and this will be a completely new experience for us.
    Any info or advice will be welcome

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    Default Just completed a similar trip

    Hello mrexty,

    My youngest and I just completed an out-and-back to Park City, Utah, from our Raleigh, NC home, ferrying the ski and snowboard gear for ourselves and the balance of our family group of 5. It was a worthwhile venture which we're sure to do again.

    The standard advice here in the RTA Forums is no more then 550-600 miles per day to be targeted. That means something like 10 hours in the saddle each day, where averaging greater than 55-60 mph on a "whole day" basis requires long intervals without stopping, serious bending of the speed limits, or some combination of both.

    Given the rather less congested nature of your route as exists along I-24 and I-57 before reaching St Louis on I-64, and the wide-open nature of I-70 west of Kansas City to the outskirts of Denver, I'd probably push for something like a 2.5 day total by attempting more miles on days 1 and 3, and leave the traffic wrestling match inherent in traversing St Louis and Kansas City, and the rather congested I-70 between the two, as a slower day in the middle.

    That being the case, I'd probably look for stops in the vicinity of Mt Vernon, IL, where I-57 intersects I-64 east of St Louis, and another in central to western KS, say, the Salina area. That gives you a 640 mile first day, a 501 mile second, and a 513 third, and my third day would start before dawn in order to get to and through Denver before afternoon rush hour and arrive at Breckenridge well before dusk.

    I-40 across Tennessee is hit-and-miss, traffic-wise. If you start early in the day in Charlotte, you should miss afternoon rush hour in Knoxville as well as Nashville, and once you get northwest of Nashville onto I-24, you're in an entirely rural area all the way to the outskirts of St Louis. You'll want to take the TN 155 bypass around the northeast portion of Nashville (Briley Parkway?) and take I-64 across the Mississippi straight through St Louis to the point at which it ends at I-70 at Wentzville, MO, some 40 miles west of the river. Be sure to have your fuel and bathroom stops taken care of before you get within 20-25 miles of St Louis, as you don't want to stop for either in the middle of I-64's pathway through St Louis.

    Oh, and I-64's westbound bridge over the Missouri River, just before reaching Wentzville, was closed last week. Don't know for how long--likely not for months given the critical nature of this crossing, but worth a look at Missouri 511 highway info before departing.

    You'll want to top off with fuel in Tennessee and hope you can reach Missouri without having to purchase fuel in Illinois. Missouri had the best diesel prices between Raleigh and Utah, so I planned to enter empty and leave full on both legs of my trip, with the Nashville, TN area being a close second.

    Be aware of the extensive array of real-time web cams in Colorado providing a look ahead at the road conditions. The Eisenhower Tunnel is at 11,000' of elevation and its approach from Denver is the crux point of your journey, weather-wise. You may be required to have chains or 4WD if conditions warrant. See the Colorado DOT website for their chain law provisions as well as links to the webcams.

    Have a great ski trip!


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    Default That's about what I had.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Your trip fits in with our thoughts for a good day on the road of between 500 to 600 which is a full day, but not too exhausting.

    I'll stop now as Foy has given you excellent advice while I was looking at my mapping program and came up with very much the same. I noted a couple of towns before Mt Vernon if you feel the need to get off the road a little earlier, but a good first day will set you up nicely for the rest of your trip.

    Have a safe trip.

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    Foy, thanks for taking time to respond, a fab reply. This will make our plans so much easier, all we need now is for you to share the driving!!

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    Foy, have posted a reply via the thread.

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    Southwest Dave,
    Thanks for your response.
    We will have a great trip!

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    Default Will do again, but.......

    Quote Originally Posted by Mrexty View Post
    Foy, thanks for taking time to respond, a fab reply. This will make our plans so much easier, all we need now is for you to share the driving!!
    ........not this winter, and not for a relatively short stay. Accordingly, my winter RoadTripping is done for the season.

    Next year I'm aiming for more like 2 weeks, with one the High Luxe surrounds of Park City, and the second one on a "ski-bumming" tour of the off-beat little ski areas of Idaho, Montana, and Colorado.

    Safe travels

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