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  1. Default San Fran/Yosemite/Kings Canyon/Vegas/Grand Canyon

    Hi - I am looking for advice and tips on a road trip i have planned - 2 weeks, fly into SFO and out of Las Vegas. Want to see Yosemite, Sequioa Park and Grand Canyon. At the moment the plan is: 4 nights in San Fran, 2 nights Yosemite, 1 night Sequoia, from Seq the aim is to go to Grand Canyon for 1 night but I believe this is a long drive, so is it better to head to Vegas from Seq and spend the night there and head to GC early the next morning? Spend one night in GC and then last 4 nights in Vegas. Suggestions and comments welcome. Thanks in advance

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    Default Stop Yes, Vegas no.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I wouldn't bother adding the miles on by going to Vegas and then GC and back to Vegas, but I would stop on route, Laughlin or Kingman perhaps. You have a nice plan but I would take a night from a City and add it into the Road trip to make it a more comfortable and enjoyable pace. The Mojave National preserve is a possible diversion and a detour onto route 66 through Seligman to or from GC would make a nice break from I 40 in both directions. To Vegas you could also stop at the Hoover dam for a look around.

    Death valley is another consideration to keep in mind but that could be done as a day trip from Vegas.

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    Hi and thanks so much for the reply! So basically you think that from Seq/Kings Canyon head towards GC but stop somewhere else (such as Laughlin or Kingman). How far is Laughlin for example from Seq Park (i.e. when tring to get to GC) and then how far is GC from Laughlin?

    We will be in Vegas for 3 full days so I think we will try and do DV in one of those days as a day trip.

    Thanks so much... so far we have booked our flights only until we decide how to split the trip. FYI we are going end of April (in cas ethe weather affects any of your suggestions).

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    Sequoia to Laughlin is going to take you about 8 hours - the distance is very similar to going to Vegas. The big advantage is you're about an hour closer to the Canyon. You should be able to get there in about 4 hours.

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    Thanks Midwest Michael, I will look into that. South West Dave - any suggestions of where I can add another night on the road?

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    Default Just a thought.

    A lot will depend on where exactly you are staying each night but my main thought was concerning the trip from leaving Yosemite to arriving in Vegas, that's over a thousand miles with 2 great National parks to Visit in 3 nights. You have to remember the parks are quite huge and getting from Yosemite valley into Sequoia could take 4 hours and then you have a long days drive ahead the following day towards GC, so in effect only a few hours in Sequoia. With just 1 night in GC you also have a 4 hour drive on the day of arrival and a five hour day when you depart, so that's going to feel a little rushed at the GC, although it's all perfectly doable. What I would do is add an extra night at the Grand canyon, this would allow you to cut your journey back a little from Sequoia if needed and spend a little more time in the park, and/or have time to stop at the Hoover dam on the way back to Vegas. It's just a case of 'fine tuning' your trip to how you want it, but I thought it worth pointing out that this might be more rushed than you would hope for, while having a lot of time available in the City.

  7. Default agreed

    i think ur right. i think i dont appreciate the distances having never done the journey before. i need to put another night in (possibly GC as you suggested)... at the moment that part of the trip is 2 nights in Yosemite, 1 night in Seq Park... and thats when i hit a wall about what to do. i dont think Seq to GC is feasible in one day! Could Death Valley be a place to stop for a night on the way to GC or am I making it worse for myself? I am happy to continue and do 2 nights in GC after that.... does Seq park require a sleepover? At the moment we have only booked flights so still pretty flexible on what we do on the ground. Thanks so much for the tips so far!

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    Default Choices.

    Death valley is a destination in itself so heading there would not help in trying to slow things up a bit, especially as you can head there as a day trip from Vegas. If you don't stop the night in Sequoia you won't get too far out the other side if you want time to enjoy the drive and walk among the 'Giants'. The Generals highway is a slow going mountain drive with incredible scenery but Three rivers/Visalia would be an option. You would still need to overnight on the way to GC though, and that's where you have to decide what to do. Maximise your time at the GC and take a direct approach or take a detour on the way, perhaps around Lake Isabella or the Mojave national preserve.

    There is no right or wrong way to go about it, you will just have to discuss it among yourselves and work out what appeals to you the most.

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    Visalia to the GC can JUST be done in one long day. There would be several choices for a place to stay in between to break it up. What I might do is spend a night in Laughlin, then heading for the GC through Oatman to Kingman, then on old 66 to Seligman. Laughlin is a casino town, and you should have no problem finding a cheap room at one of the casino hotels.

    There's another stretch of old 66 that's kinda neat - the National Trails Highway from Ludlow through Amboy and back to I-40.

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    Thanks southwest Dave - i will investigate into the options you suggest and see what we decide. MOjave may be an option to break up the trip between Seq Park and GC.

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