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    Hi lad's. Firstly may I say what a good idea this site is. And may I welcome myself also.
    My name is jason and I'm from Ireland. Love my road trip's in general but Ireland is not really that big so not very inspiring as such :)

    Anyway myself and 2 friend's have planned a US roadtrip. This is a massive undertakein for us as we are all 23 and have planned to cross the country ourselves.
    The details are as follow's

    Flights booked both to LA on the 28th of feb & a flight home on the 18th of march from JFK
    Car rental booked from LAX on the 28th on a one way to be returned on the 16th at Newark

    The plan is a rough idea but goes like this. La-Vages-Flagstaff-Oklahoma-Dallas-Houstan-New Orleans-Mobile-Montgomery-Atlanta-New York etc, We have 2 driver's inc myself. I wont go into times and days etc to cover the mileage as this is a un-known but we can drive whatever is needed

    Now there will be a few brief stops on the way and a few sights we would like to see etc but thats the rough plan, We have the allocated day's above too make the trip. Is it a realistic timeline ? We will have a bog standard car ( corbet etc )

    I have the full plan at home and a budget inc the fuel we may need on the way and charges etc. I'll post those over the next few day's.Stuck in work at the mo

    I'd like to hear from anyone that has maybe done this maybe and the experence's. Or even if anyone has a link at all that would be great. We would just like to know if 3x irish boy's ( fairly wild ) would be welcome in most state's :)

    Thanks again

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    Céad Míle Fáilte! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The thicker your brogues the more you'll be welcome. Remember, there are more people of Irish descent, myself included, in America than there are in Ireland. Since you mention being on a budget, have you accounted for the fact that you will all be 'underage' drivers and thus subject (usually) to a stiff surcharge for each person who wants to drive, or the fact that there is also usually a modest one way drop-off fee for leaving the car 3000 miles or so from where you got it?

    Other than that, your timeline will allow for some wandering around America and, most importantly, significant time out of the car.


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    Thanks for the welcome Buck. We have the car booked already. It worked out at €612 + a $250 charge when we get there and the possibility of up another $250 depo. Thats all covered. We will all be going with no less than $2500 each with access to an emergency fund of circa $3000 extra just in case. Vegas and all that :) We have been advised on the underage driver's fee's and have covered the one way drop off in the above post. so hopefully not to much more hidden cost's. Not sure if i'm allowed to state which car company we have used etc so I wont post yet. We kinda knew we would be a minority with reguards been irish. Paddy's say in new york etc. Only main things on this trip are vegas, mardi gras and new york really so I hope to cover all that ;)

    Thanks again

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