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  1. Default Chicago, IL to Oak Harbor, WA in early March

    I am moving from Chicago to Oak Harbor, WA on March 7. It is going to be a DITY move and I am planning to drive a Penske truck and tow my car. Time is not a big problem, but I just wonder if 5 or maybe 6 days should be enough and what I should expect on my way there, especially road conditions.
    I moved from Virginia to Illinois in January 2010 and it was not as bad as I thought, but I realize the distance is much bigger this time.
    I would really appreciate any input and help. The move is almost 2 months away but I'd like to plan ahead and asses potential pros and cons. Thank you.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Your trip is certainly early enough that you're still at risk of seeing severe winter weather. There really is no way, however, to know what conditions you might see until you are just about to leave and can see an accurate weather forecast.

    You've basically got 3 choices of routes, I-94, I-90, or I-80/I-84. They're all pretty similar in distance, so I'd make your decision based upon where the weather looks best during your time of travel.

    The good thing is 5 to 6 days is a good amount of time to make the trip safely and comfortably, and gives you room to sit out a storm for a day or even two if things do get bad. That's almost always enough for roads to be back in normal condition.

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    Thank you. Well, the truck will be 26 foot long plus a carrier and I am not sure if I should consider any special precautions like snow chains, shovels and couple extra bags of sand.
    To be honest I don't know anything about those mountain passes and how hard it will be to climb there in a rental truck (diesel, auto).

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    The reality is that when you are dealing with a big truck like that you really should simply get off the road if you get anywhere near the point where chains would be required. That's doubly true since you'll be towing a trailer.

    If you stick to the Interstates, getting over the passes should be relatively painless. Stay to the right, and remember to shift down into a lower gear when you are going down hill.

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    Thanks for all advice. I am certainly not going to put myself, a car and all stuff on the truck at risk. I want to safely get there and stick to Interstates without any distractions.

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    If the weather allows, I-90 all the way would be preferable. You shouldn't have any problems on the mountain grades with a diesel. It's the gas trucks that won't get out of their own way.

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