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    Default Detour Around Atlanta?

    At least once per year, we drive N-S and S-N through the Atlanta area. If we happen to hit the narrow windows when traffic is light, then everything goes nicely. But the rush hour seems about four hours long each morning and evening, that can be horrendous. Last year we took over 4 hours to get from abeam Stockbridge to abeam Kennesaw on I-75, and that may not be the worst we've had. Using I-285 around the city actually seems worse- longer distance but no better speed.

    Obviously, the best trick is to avoid the rush hours. But if that's not possible, are there any back road routes around the city that save time during the rush hours? Going around the west side via Calhoun-Rome-Cedartown-Carrolton-Newnan-Griffin looks possible, but I'm not sure it would actually save any time.


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    Where would you be coming from and going to? Any intermediate stops that are musts for you?

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    Default Sometimes It's Not About Time

    I'm not at all familiar with the Atlanta area (more on that later) but I used to drive between Maine and Delaware several times a year and had similar problems with the New York area. If I made the trip during my normal working hours (graveyard shift) that was fine, I'd hit New York in the wee hours of the morning. Otherwise I skirted well around it on a series of highways, back roads, and local streets that I developed over the years into a practically bucolic byway. They may have saved me a bit of time on occasion, but the main point of them was to save my sanity and equanimity. And for that, they were invaluable. I would, therefore, highly recommend that you explore alternatives that steer well clear of Atlanta if it looks like you'd be going through the city at big traffic volume times, and just enjoy spending the time seeing a bit of Georgia you otherwise wouldn't.

    If you were going to spend 4 hours getting from Stockbridge to Kennesaw, then a far better way to spend that time might go something like this. Leave I-75 northbound at exit 205 and take GA-16 west to Newman and pick up US-27A north. continue north on US-27 at Carrollton. At Rome, use GA-53 north to reconnect with I-75 at Calhoun. My mapping software says that's about 4˝ hours, so no great savings in time, but you will have covered about 110 miles (measured along the Interstate from exit to re-entry) instead of the 50 or so (same measurement criterion) from Stockbridge to Kennesaw. More importantly, your nerves will be a lot calmer.

    [P.S.: I see after the fact that this is what you, in fact, proposed. Well, at least you know that somebody else came up with the same plan independently.]

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    I think the better question is where is your final destination, and is there a way to completely avoid the area by avoiding I-75 completely?

    For example, would taking I-65 and US-231 through Alabama be an option?

    The route you listed is 60 miles longer, and on lower quality roads. I'd guess it would take at least an hour and a half to two hours longer, than a "good day" through Atlanta. Of course, if you're sitting in traffic for 3 hours in Atlanta, then I guess that would be an improvement.

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