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  1. Default New York to Miami - August 2011

    Three guys from Liverpool, England on a roadtrip!!

    In mid August 2011 myself (aged 22), my younger brother (aged 21) and my good friend (21) are flying to New York were we will be spending a few days. Our aim is to then drive to Miami in the remaining time of our two week stay. We hope to travel down to Miami by renting a car, staying in different places on way, planning to sleep in hostels or motels during our stay in America.

    Is there anywhere along the way, in which you would recommend we visit? Is there anywhere along the way you would steer clear from?

    As you can see by our age we are relatively young but mature. Any information or suggestions on how much money (in dollars) you think our trip will amount to each would be greatly appreciated. We aim to have as much fun as we possibily can!


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    There is certainly plenty to do on the way down to Florida. And you should be able to find low to moderately priced accommodations everywhere along that well traveled route. Typical low cost motel chains in America include Motel 6, Red Roof Inn, Super 8, Budget Inn, Econo Lodge, Travelodge, and a few others. So much for the good news.

    The bad news is what you are going to have to pay for your car rental. You are looking at two of the most expensive 'options' there are in the car rental field: the one-way drop off fee, and the underage driver fee. The one-way fee is going to be around $200-300, but you may (just maybe) be able to find a company that will be willing to waive that fee on a popular route such as New York to Miami. But even that 'good' news has a bad news reason. The may be forgiving that fee because you have three underage drivers. At $25/day/driver you are looking at a fee of $300 for a 4 day rental. and that's on top of the normal rental fee. So you could easily be looking at a rental cost of nearly $800 for a four day drive down to Miami (plus insurance costs, plus the cost of having a GPS equipped car if you want one, plus....,


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